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Creche dieting; Student loses 8st after people kept thinking she was having a baby.


A STUDENT went on a diet when she hit 21st 5lb and people on the Tube started offering her a seat, thinking she was pregnant.

Fay Marshall, 23, is now 12st 11lb, a size 12, and has been named Slimming World Woman of the Year.

Fay said: "What happened on the Tube in 2015 was humiliating. Having to explain I wasn't pregnant was bad enough, but I also knew I probably wouldn't fit in the seat."

She had been overweight from the age of 10. Fay said: "It was a cycle. The bigger I got, the less confident I was about going out with my friends, so I'd stay in and eat instead."

Seeing how upset Fay was after the Tube incident, her gran took her along to Charlene Griffith's Enfield Vineyard slimmers group in North London.

Middlesex University student Fay started following their eating plan and also began to work out to DVDs at home, too shy to go to the gym.

That has all changed and she now enjoys swimming, pilates and the gym.

Fay and partner Mark recently had a hiking and cycling holiday in Florida where she wore shorts for the first time in her adult life.

Old diet

Breakfast: 4 slices of white bread toast with butter and peanut butter

Lunch: Pre-packaged sandwich, crisps, chocolate bar and sugary fizzy drink

Dinner: Takeaway pizza or chicken burger

Snacks: Sweets, chocolates, crisps, jam tarts

New diet

Breakfast: Porridge oats with berries and quark

Lunch: Couscous or pasta salad or omelette with salad

Dinner: BBQ pulled pork with green veg or homemade kebab with pitta bread and Slimming World-style chips

Snacks: Fruit, cereal bars, popcorn


21ST 5LB People thought Fay must be pregnant

12ST 11LB Fay now, two years after starting diet

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 8, 2017
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