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Creative Writing--A Workbook with Readings.

Creative Writing--A Workbook with Readings Linda Anderson (Ed) Routledge, 2005 ISBN 0-415-37243-7 Paperback, 608 pages, 20.99 [pounds sterling]

Creativity is back on the A Level agenda again and the new draft specifications for all three strands of English contain opportunities for students to either respond creatively to their reading or to produce their own creative written work. Whether we are teaching Literature, Language or the integrated Language and Literature courses, we will need to consider how to approach the demands of teaching 'creativity'. The teaching of creative writing is expanding dramatically in the HE sector and there are ample opportunities for teachers to refresh their expertise in this area by attending courses. This, however, necessitates that all too precious commodity--time. In this book Routledge offer a means of accessing a high quality creative writing course without actually having to attend one. Karen Buckley, writer, creative writing tutor and English teacher outlines her experience of working with the text:

'As the 'big red book' is designed for students on the Open University A215 Creative Writing course, it has a big job to do. Many of these students are fairly self-sufficient, and benefit from only two school days during the course, supplemented by email conferencing. The book seems to be universally appreciated in the way it gently guides through practical exercises and opens out areas for discussion in the inspiring readings section. With so much well-structured and accessible content, students do not feel alone. A key advantage is that the book is available and accessible to all, and writers not enrolled on this course can follow the exercises and advice just as easily.'

In my capacity as a teacher I have indeed found the book very accessible and have successfully adapted the exercises within it for use with my A Level students. It covers fiction, poetry, life writing and travel writing and has much illuminating contextual input from professionals. It is like having a creative writing course at home, that you can dip into as and when you feel the need. If you are looking for a way of refreshing your creative writing expertise, 'Creative Writing' provides really excellent INSET, without even having to leave the house.

Jane Bluett

NATE Post 16 Committee
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Author:Bluett, Jane
Publication:NATE Classroom
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Date:Jun 22, 2007
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