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Creative Networks to Launch TCO/Benchmarking Practice.

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 13, 1998--Creative Networks, Inc. (CNI) announced today that it is launching a TCO/benchmarking practice to help customers understand the cost and value of messaging migration and outsourcing.

The first study in this practice will benchmark the cost of message migration by quantifying the cost of delays, training, ROI and lost opportunity. This study will help IS/IT professionals understand the financial impact of accelerating or delaying deployment schedules in terms of costs and ROI. The study will also set a baseline for messaging migration costs and practices by identifying best practices and the methods, tools and services used by leading companies. The study will help with outsource decisions involving issues such as migration services, tools and pricing, and will be published in the fourth quarter of this year.

"Our preliminary research shows that there is a significant gap between expectations and the reality of migration implementation," said Nina Burns, President and CEO of CNI. "The cost is very high. It is not enough just to measure total cost of ownership and ROI. To completely understand migration costs, you need to leave in all the variables involved when valuable IS/IT resources are diverted to the migration. Missed schedules and technical delays result in unhappy customers, lower service levels, missed opportunities, increased costs, longer time to benefit and lower ROI. These costs need to be quantified so CIOs can make informed decisions.

"When migrations take longer than expected, the results can be measured in terms of more than just dollars, as system benefits are not realized. Diversion of IS/IT resources have a far greater impact, since other projects are also affected."

There is a substantial gap between expectations and reality. Users expect that in a short period of time costs will decrease as systems benefits increase and stay constant. In reality, costs will increase for a period of time as benefits decline, before the curve is reversed and costs once again decrease and benefits are realized. The objective for all parties concerned is to shorten the time from planning to migration, as most benefits are lost in the implementation phase.

CNI is a widely recognized consulting and research firm specializing in intranet/extranet business, technologies and markets. CNI delivers consulting, advisory and subscription information services to vendors, ISPs and IS/IT professionals to assist them in creating sustainable business advantage. CNI's intranet/extranet areas of expertise include email and messaging, Web services, e-commerce, knowledge management, collaborative computing and process automation.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Kym Gentry at Creative Networks, Inc., 480 Lytton Ave., Suite 6, Palo Alto, CA 94301 (Tel: 650/326-9926; Fax: 650/326-4014; Email:; URL:

 CONTACT: Creative Networks, Inc.
 Kym C. Gentry, 650/326-9926

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Date:Jul 13, 1998
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