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Creative Education

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Two fine new additions to the series What In The World ($28.50 Each ) will reach grades 4-6 with coverages which lend to understanding. Jill Kalz's The Mona Lisa (1583412727) reveals the volatile history behind the painting and the world in which it was created. From the art techniques perfected during its creation to early influences, The Mona Lisa reaches beyond the art world in providing an embracing history of its times. Mary Hoff's 'World of Wonder' titles ($27.50 each) invite kids to learn through 32 pages each of bright color photos and natural history reviews contrasting different creatures. Fighting Back (1583412662) discusses the defense mechanisms of animals, from smells and camouflage to armor and poison. Life At Night (1583412670) discusses the senses of night creatures from insects and fish to mammals and birds. Both are bright, colorful coverages. Jennifer Fandel's The Light Bulb (1583412719) provides almost 50 pages of facts about the light bulb, from technological evolution leading to its creation to historical background and social insights on how the light bulb changed human conditions. Vintage black and white and color photos and art illustrate a captivating history.
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Title Annotation:The Mona Lisa; Fighting Back; Life at Night; The Light Bulb
Publication:Children's Bookwatch
Article Type:Book Review
Date:May 1, 2005
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