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Creative Choice: This issue we meet women who, just by being themselves, have changed our culture.

Dictionary definitions, or even a certain view of history, might have us believe that cultural pursuits are rare, elitist, or a privilege of the few. But in this issue of Curve--in which we end one year and begin the next--we meet many women who, just by virtue of being themselves and giving energy to what they like and what they believe in, have changed our culture as a whole. From our cover girl, Ellen Page, whose decision to come out affected every creative choice she made thereafter, to the late Edie Windsor, who stood up to the dominant culture when she realized she would be penalized for committing to her same-sex life partner--we celebrate women who have made a difference.

What does it mean to lesbian culture that Edie Windsor has passed? Rather than merely the end of an era, I see her life as proof positive that one person can change things.

And like the activist, the artist is often driven by a singular conviction and a desire to bring it to the group and thereby make the world a better place.

In this issue we meet members of our community who created work that created change. Playwright Susan Miller didn't just complain about a lack of representation for women in the theater--she wrote a play with five women's roles! Photographer Meg Allen didn't bemoan the erasure of butch lesbian identity--she made a gorgeous book about the butches she knows! Top DJ Tracy Young didn't just make gay dance-floors great--she did it for 25 years! Filmmaker Angela Robinson didn't just read that Wonder Woman had a kinky, queer origin--she made a mainstream movie about it! Musician Rachael Sage didn't let the events of 2017 crush her creative spirit--she turned adversity into a message of hope and joy.

It's heartening to see minority communities ringing out the old year and embracing the next with messages of visibility: Comic Sandra Vails wants you to grab tickets to A Latina Christmas Special, and event director Jha D reminds you to save the date for Women of Color Weekend in Provincetown next spring.

Whatever your cultural jam--whether it's sourcing the best legal cannabis, learning to cook clams with out chef Michele Ragussis, or exploring the island pleasures of Kauai--I hope you enjoy everything this issue has to offer.




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Author:Johns, Merryn
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Date:Dec 1, 2017
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