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Creative BioMart Funded Research Found Another Anticancer Strategy - Targeting Cyclin D.

New York, NY, May 10, 2013 --( One of the researchers said, “Blocking cyclin D represents a highly selective anticancer strategy that specifically targets cancer cells without significantly affecting normal tissues."

In what is seen as a promising and highly selective treatment strategy, scientists have safely shut down breast cancer and a form of leukemia in mice by targeting abnormal proteins to which the cancers are "addicted," according to a new study.

Even though the investigators genetically silenced the proteins or blocked them with a drug in normal as well as cancerous tissues, the animals remained healthy, they report in the Oct. 16 issue of the journal Cancer Cell.

The experiments targeted two related proteins, cyclin D1 ( and cyclin D3, that control cells' growth cycle. Many types of cancer have abnormal amounts of the proteins, spurring the cells to grow too rapidly and form tumors.

Peter Sicinski, HMS professor of genetics said that the new results show that the cancers' addiction to these proteins is an Achilles' heel that can be safely targeted with an inhibitor drug that halts cancer growth or causes cancer cells to die. Based on the results, the scientists are planning a clinical trial, using an experimental cyclin-inhibiting drug called PD0332991 that has already been tested in a form of lymphoma.

The research was partially supported by Creative BioMart.

About Creative BioMart

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Date:May 10, 2013
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