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Creating a YouTube account for your library.

I don't think any of us are ignorant of the popularity of YouTube, indeed for many young people the video sharing site is their first stop for finding information, having taken the place of Google. The success of youtubers like Zoella (, DanTDM ( and Stampy ( have ramped up kids' interest and the views their videos receive are ridiculously high. Zoella's bookclub that she runs with WH Smith has encouraged lots of teenagers to read YA books that they may not have discovered any other way and her last selection was very good, the way in which she provides so much extra content in Twitter chats and access to the authors is very clever and engaging. YouTube is a rich seam to mine for librarians too, with how to videos, book trailers and reading promotion material, but you might not yet have taken the plunge by creating your own channel, indeed you may not see the need to do so. Having your own channel can be very useful however as it allows you to follow other channels so that you can see when they post new content (publishers e.g.) and you can create playlists of videos to show back to back amongst other facilities.

If you have a gmail account you can go to YouTube and go to login at the top right of the page to start creating your channel. If you do not have a Google account yet you will need to create one, there is a very good video that shows you how to do so here: Once you are logged in if you click on the three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen you can choose My Channel. You will be asked to confirm the name you want to use on the site. You can then add a

profile picture by clicking on the pen icon that appears when you mouse over the green profile area and add a picture to act as a header by clicking on 'add channel art'. If you want to you can add a description of the channel as well.

You can upload videos to your channel and in the uploading page that appears when you do so you can choose to make the video public (anyone can watch), unlisted (can only be found if you have the exact url) or private (will only show to you when you are logged in). You could upload student videos here safely therefore and be able to show them one after the other in a playlist without them being visible to the general public. In the Advanced Settings of the video upload page you can also disallow comments on the video which is always a good idea in my opinion.

If you want to show several book trailers one after the other the easiest way to do this is to create a playlist. When logged in find a video that you want to put first in a playlist and click the plus button (Add to) underneath it. Click Create Playlist, give your list a name and decide whether you want it to be public or private. If you then navigate to more videos and add them to the same playlist you can show them in a joined up group. Once you have created your playlist you can access it from the My Channel area. Go to Created Playlists, click on the title of the playlist under the video player, click on Play All then click the two arrows forming a square on the right hand of the video if you want the videos to restart once they finish. If you want to share your playlist click the Share arrow underneath any of the videos whilst the playlist is open to get the url. If you were playing the trailers in the library I would suggest showing your playlist through which would cut out any digital noise around the videos.

Something else you can do when you have your own channel is subscribe to other channels whether they are publishers, book bloggers or authors etc.

This way when you open your channel page any new content from your subscribed channels will show, saving you time visiting individual channels. When you find a video that you enjoy under the viewer you will see the channel name. If you click on this you will be given the option to subscribe. I subscribe to many channels please feel free to plunder my channel:

I hope you enjoy setting up and using your YouTube channel, if you have any questions about the process please do not hesitate to contact me either by email or via social media.

Bev Humphrey, SLA Digits! Editor, @Libwithattitude
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