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Create the illusion of space.

Is your living space too small, cramped and difficult to decorate? Cheer up! You don't need an interior designer just to face this design challenge. With a few design tricks and the use of the right colors, you can make a room look and feel much bigger than what it really is.

Apply vertical and horizontal stripes

Implement the use of horizontal stripes in white or soft pastel colors in rooms that are narrow. This would make the room look wider. Vertical stripes on the other hand makes a low ceiling appear higher.


Blue and Gray-Blue Tones

Like what they say, "less is more." Use just one or two main colors like blue and gray-blue tones. Do not combine too many colors. By doing so, the eyes could easily shift their focus on the furnishings rather than the room itself.


The Lighter the better

Light colors such as white, beige, soft pink, and light blue are the best shades to use to make a room look bigger. These hues create a better impression of space. Walls appear further away than they really are.


Pastels and light natural tones

Consider pastels and light natural tones to create an airy feel in small hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms. Bring the wall and flooring together by painting both with the same color. This will make the room look unified and appear bigger.


Touch of Brinjal

Paint the room with aubergine or brinjal. This will automatically give an instant luxurious feel. Aubergine is very rich and regal with a touch of mystery. With it, the perimeter distorts, making your room appear bigger and spacious.

Possibilities of making a room look bigger are endless only if you know how to fool the eye. With clever use of the tips above, you can transform any small space in your home without breaking the bank. Do not forget to put natural lighting. It may come and go, but it is also a great way to make a tiny room appear larger.


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Date:Mar 19, 2014
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