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Create a Naturally Fragrant Home with ''Essential'' Hints from ''Heloise''; Lifestyle Guru Brings Yesterday's Remedies to Today's Homes via New Consumer Web Site.

TEXARKANA, Texas -- The sense of smell is a powerful thing, and this is clearly demonstrated at the holidays, when the aroma of a particular dish or baked good can transport a person back to childhood, and scents of pine needles, peppermint and cinnamon can instantly fuel the festive spirit.

Lifestyle hint "guru," author and media personality "Heloise" is a big believer in the power of scent, preferring to harness age-old aromas in their most basic form - essential oils. Beginning this holiday season, Heloise shares many of her "essential" hints on the new Web site,, a new forum for people to share the various simple home remedies and basic ingredients that have been enriching lives for generations.

"Essential oils and the power of scent is a fascinating subject - it's a science," says Heloise. "But, you don't need to be a scientist to utilize essential oils to create natural home fragrances that will stimulate the senses and make your home a haven at the holidays and year-round."

Below are some of Heloise's signature hints:

--For homemade air fresheners: Place a couple of drops of essential oil on a folded paper towel or on cotton balls. Place in a margarine container, poke holes in the lid, then place in an out-of-sight area in the room, such as behind furniture. Note: Be sure to keep away from small children and animals.

--To rejuvenate potpourri, dried flowers and wreaths: Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to freshen and revive potpourri, dried flowers or wreaths. Note: Avoid putting oil directly on silk flowers or any material because it could stain.

--Spice up your home for the holidays: You don't have to spend the day baking to create a warm, inviting smell in your kitchen. Place a few drops of cinnamon, anise, orange or peppermint oil on the inside of the cardboard tube of your paper towel roll and an inviting, yet subtle scent will fill the room. The same can be done in the bathroom on the toilet paper roll.

--Aromatherapy while you read: Place a drop or two of your favorite essential oil on the cool light bulb of your reading lamp. Enjoy the aroma while the light bulb heats up for some truly relaxing "me" time. is a Web site created through the recent partnership of Heloise and HUMCO, a trusted traditional home and healthcare products company. The site serves as a platform to showcase the benefits of using basic ingredients, such as essential oils, sweet oil, boric acid and castor oil, for home and lifestyle needs. Site visitors will see seasonal and specialized hints utilizing an "ingredient" of the month, and will even have the option to have hints from Heloise e-mailed directly to their in-boxes.

"I've had the unique pleasure of learning first-hand how homes have changed since I started helping my mother, the original 'Heloise,' decades ago, and this site will help illustrate

how the tried-and-true hints still have a place in today's home, simply because they work," said Heloise.

Note to Media: For more information about other simple home remedies or to set up an informative interview with Heloise, please contact Emily DeLizza at 914-241-0086, ext. 15, or visit,
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Date:Dec 1, 2005
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