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Cream of the crop will keep you looking beautiful; Food.


KEEP young and beautiful - it's what we're all striving to do, with lotions, potions and creams.

But the answer to looking young, vibrant and healthy could be right under our noses - in our lunchboxes in fact.

For example, did you know that packing a granary bread sandwich can aid cell production, aid healthy bones and zap free-radicals?

How many creams and potions can claim that?

Incorporating key ingredients into our diets really can ward off the effects of ageing.

So if you want to remain young and beautiful and don't have a fortune to spend on "miracle" creams, make sure you pack:

Fruit and vegetables - they provide the strongest anti-ageing effect.

Dark leafy vegetables - broccoli and spinach are a rich source of vitamin C and anticancer substances.

Berries - great for building up collagen in the skin and preventing thread veins.

Multigrains/sunflower seeds - contain a mineral which helps zap skin-damaging free radicals inhaled from traffic fumes and cigarette smoke.

Crab - contains the trace mineral copper essential for making melanin, the pigment in our skin which helps absorb ageing UV rays from the sun.

Nutritionist Amanda Ursell has been busy devising healthy anti-ageing sandwich recipes for the launch of the Hovis Granary range.

"Granary sandwiches are a great way to introduce more grains and seeds into our diets," Amanda says.

"There are extra nutrients in granary because of the presence of wholegrain, including vitamin E and the super-nutrient ferulic acid, which are great anti-agers for our skin, zinc for our immune system and folic acid, which aids cell production and is an important B vita- min for pregnant women."

Her anti-ageing country granary sandwich with a crab, ginger and mango filling aims to promote youthful skin and protect against sun damage.

"Crab and sunflower seeds supply the trace mineral copper essential for making melanin, the pigment in our skin which helps absorb ageing UV rays from the sun. Crab is also rich in protein need to make collagen and elastic to keep the skin bouncy and elastic, "said Amanda.

Combine your lunch with a healthy fruit drink or smoothie - or even a nice cup of tea.


RECIPES... Amanda Ursell.' ANTI-AGEING REMEDY... If you want to look young, vibrant and healthy, the answer could be lurking in your lunchbox. Choosing the right foods to eat could really boost your health and ward off the effects of ageing.
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Date:Apr 22, 2006
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