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Cream Processing Manual.

Cream Processing Manual

Edited by J Rothwell Since the first edition was published back in 1975 there have been changes in technical equipment used and in legislation surrounding the processing of cream. Thus a committee, including Dr Rothwell, was set up to revise the old text. The new book is larger because of revision and updating, and further chapters have been added.

Chapter titles now run: Introductory; Raw milk quality; Separation and standardization; Pasteurization and homogenization; Packaging requirements for fresh cream; Storage, handling and distribution; UHT cream processing; Scalded and clotted cream; Modification and control of cream viscosity; The whipping of cream; Frozen cream; Quality control; Legislation; Trouble shooting; Uses of cream; and The consumer's view - the final test.

Like all books published by a committee, this not only represents a consensus view but also a balanced view of the state of affairs in cream processing.
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Author:Binsted, Howard
Publication:Food Trade Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Dec 1, 1989
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