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Crazy about handsome teacher; Dear Linda. . .

I'M thirteen and totally in love with my science teacher. He is mega attractive and nice and he always has a smile for everyone.

Sometimes I feel so jealous when he talks to my friends in class, but I think that he is the best person in the whole world and I want him to myself.

He's about 25, which is only 12 years older than me. I'm not interested in boys of my own age because they all seem so immature. Do you think that he might wait for me if I let him know how I feel about him?

Buffy Girl, MidGlamorgan

JUST enjoy being taught by such a nice science teacher and don't allow yourself to get all mournful and upset because nothing more than a pupil/teacher relationship can exist.

Your teacher sounds like a delightful person and one who will help you to study science in a helpful and pleasant way. He can only ever be your teacher, however - nothing more! Given that teachers are governed by very strict rules about the relationships between teachers and pupils, letting him know how you feel about him would probably simply make both of you utterly embarrassed in the long run.

Even if he were not your teacher, a 12-year age-gap is a huge one at your young age. If boys in your age group are a bit immature at the moment they, like you, will soon mature a lot - and quite suddenly, too. For the time being, enjoy your youth and your friendships and all the other good things that life holds in store for you. If your teacher is the genuinely nice and caring person he seems to be, think of him as a model for the only type of person with whom, in a few years time, you deserve to be.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Oct 9, 2001
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