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Crazy Gadgets at CES 2021.

As the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 goes fully digital this year, allow me to share some of the crazy gadgets that I stumble upon on the virtual exhibit floor.

Handheld Automatic Acupuncture System (HAAS)

With lockdowns implemented in all corners of the globe, access to both traditional and modern healthcare is quite a challenge. This Handheld Automatic Acupuncture System (HAAS) uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data to accurately pinpoint where to drop the needle according to its manufacturer. The device can autonomously determine the acupoint position and provide real-time acupuncture according to the user's symptoms.

AirPop Active+ Smart Mask with Halo Sensor

Just when we had thought we had seen all sorts of facemasks during this pandemic, wait there's more! The AirPop Active+ Smart Mask comes with the Halo sensor that bridges the gap between outside air and internal respiration. The facemask can capture breathing-related data, and correlate that information with real-time data about air quality and location. The Halo sensor can accurately tell wearers when to replace their mask's filter, and help wearers unlock new biometric data that can be useful during everyday use and sports activities. This "smart" facemask works in tandem with its app to track metrics like breaths per minute, breaths per pace, and many more.

Code Jumper

The Code Jumper teaches blind and visually impaired people to code and program in a computer through a unique, physical system.

Hydropower Shower Speaker

This Bluetooth shower speaker is hydro-powered. Made from recycled ocean plastic and leveraging a hydroelectric generator, it generates 100% of its power from water -- providing literally endless hours of listening in the shower. An internal 2,500 mAh battery stores more than 20 hours of power so you can continue to listen to music even when the shower stops.

Blanc Robot by Applied EV

Autonomous vehicles may soon be part of the new normal, but people from Applied EV brought the ballgame a notch higher by building an exceptional drive-by-wire vehicle platform that is Level 5 autonomous ready and can be configured with software for multiple uses. Think of it as a Lego system for building autonomous vehicles.

Arculus Cold Storage Wallet

The Arculus cold storage wallet is a solution for storing and managing cryptocurrency. It features advanced 3-factor authentication security in a slim metal form factor with easy-to-use functionality -- providing a greater depth of defense by minimizing the authentication interaction with the card with the separation of the recovery passcode and the encrypted keys on the card.

Orba by Artiphon

When Steve Jobs launched the iPod years ago, Apple gave people the ability to carry music inside their pockets. But as a musician, the Orba by Artiphon is heaven sent! Imagine having a synth, looper, and controller that lets you create songs with intuitive gestures like tapping, sliding, and waving inside a device that fits in the palm of your hands. This device has an onboard synthesizer and a built-in speaker giving you the ability to make music in seconds.

Portable Water Warmer by Awesome Lab

In the age where almost everything is portable, one of the things online shopping platforms need to actively push to their users during this time of the year is a portable water warmer. This device from Awesome Lab uses electrode ion heating technology with high efficiency of 98%. It heats water directly so that water can reach the temperature you want much faster than others.

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