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Crazed trespasser. reported on November 19 on a strange case of armed self-defense in Pierce County, Washington. A married couple in their 60s was home alone when they heard a car driving at a high speed up their long rural driveway. The car crashed through a metal gate, mangling it, and smashed into a car parked right in front of their home. The driver exited the vehicle, and without saying a word came charging at the home. The homeowners were still in shock when the man began beating on the door. The couple realized they had to act quickly. The husband armed himself with a pistol just as the intruder broke some glass and entered the house. The intruder attacked the man before he could get off a shot and punched him multiple times, causing him to drop his gun. Thankfully, the homeowner was able to reach for his gun and fire a series of shots that hit the violent invader. The man's wife locked herself in a bedroom during the scuffle and called 911. The police soon arrived, but found the suspect dead at the scene. The husband was treated for his injuries, which are not expected to be life threatening. Police are still investigating and are having toxicology tests done to see if there were any drugs in the intruder's system. Investigators acknowledged the strangeness of the case, stating that the intruder had no known connection to the people in the house.

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Author:Kery, Patrick
Publication:The New American
Date:Dec 23, 2013
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