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Crazed stalker sparks new Di scare; Obsessed: German who thinks princess needs saved from the Queen strikes again.

The German doctor stalking Princess Di twice tried to get to her side yesterday.

The fresh bids by obsessed Klaus Wagner to reach her sparked new fears for her safety.

The ex-heroin addict wants to warn Diana that the Queen is the Devil.

Wagner is already on bail after being arrested outside Buckingham Palace at the weekend.

Yesterday he pounced twice as Diana attended her first engagement since the storm over the royal divorce broke.

His first move came when she arrived at the Chelsea Harbour Club for her morning workout.

Defying Scotland Yard advice to have protection officers with her, Di drove to the club alone.

As she went inside he dashed forward to put leaflets under the windscreen wiper of her car.

He was dragged away by two policemen and warned to behave.

But just a few hours later, he was lying in wait for her at a London hospital she was visiting.

Wagner was carrying a placard bearing the Queen's portrait and the words: "Elizardbeast, we are 666 of You."

Three burly policeman blocked his path when Diana arrived and left.

Protesting his innocence, Wagner said: "I am not a dangerous stalker.

"I am just a postman with leaflets for Diana. I want to warn her that the Queen is the Beast."

Now crazed Wagner is being kicked out by his girlfriend because of his obsession with Diana.

Shameem Wagner, 32, told him: "You have to go. I've had enough."

Shameem, who has two children by Klaus, has shared a flat with him for eight years at Leyton, east London.

She said: "This thing with Diana was the final straw but problems have been there for years.

"I have coped with him as a drug addict and him telling me he had been with prostitutes - but this is it, he is not the man for my family."

But Wagner claimed: "I'm leaving anyway because she is mentally unbalanced."

The orthopaedic surgeon was held on Saturday for causing a breach of the peace after allegedly ranting and raving at tourists.

He was released after just three hours at a pyschiatric hospital.

Wagner has been tailing Di across the country since October.

In January he was arrested for obstruction at Di's gym, but no evidence was offered in court.

Shameem said obsessed Wagner disappears all day long and sometimes all night tracking down Di.

The distressed mum said she became so desperate she even considered writing to Diana in a bid to get her life back.

"If she just replied to one of Klaus's letters it would all be finished with," she said.

Their home has been littered with hundreds of pictures and articles. Last week Klaus even told Shameem to leave the answer machine on in case the princess phoned him to offer him a job as her press secretary.

Added Shameem: "He is really kind and gentle.

"I know he would never hurt the princess.

"My real concern about all this is for the children. He keeps telling them the Queen is a beast. I try and make a joke out of it because I don't want them having nightmares."

"I need help - we both need help. It has been a nightmare for me.

"He is living in a dreamland. I just want to get on with my life without him."

The closest Wagner has got to Diana was when the princess opened a woman's hospital in Liverpool in November last year.

He stepped out and handed her a book called The Captive of Kensington Palace.

Diana did not give any reaction but simply handed the book on to one of her officials.

Wagner gave his view of the bizarre affair recently, saying: "Diana is a victim. All I want to do is hand her a file telling her how she could improve her image and the human rights in Britain.

"She is being manipulated by the whole country. I've applied to be her press secretary.

"Diana has an image problem. Sometimes she is a politician, sometimes a pin-up.

"I'm the only one who can help her.

"She has a brain. She should make this known rather than just show off her legs."

Last October Wagner was given a 15-month suspended jail sentence for a drugs swindle which a judge said put his patients at risk.

Snaresbrook Crown Court in London heard how Wagner made out hundreds of false prescriptions for the Class A drug morphine to satisfy his craving.

Queen of hearts

Diana, pictured above yesterday, didn't appear in the least concerned by the stalker menace.

She went quietly about her business as a new survey voted her the world's most caring public figure.

Prince Charles only managed 16th place. The princess polled more than twice as many votes as second-placed Mother Teresa in the NOP survey.

Youth are Diana's biggest fans being five times more likely than pensioners to nominate her as the most caring person.
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Author:Arnold, Harry
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 7, 1996
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