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Cray announces USDS40m supercomputer agreement With the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Centre.

WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-June 28, 2012-Cray announces USDS40m supercomputer agreement With the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Centre(C)1995-2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS

Global supercomputer company Cray Inc (Nasdaq:CRAY) announced on Wednesday that it will install a next-generation Cray supercomputer code-named 'Cascade' and a next-generation Cray Sonexion storage system at the Department of Energy's National Energy Research Scientific Computing Centre (NERSC).

The multi-year, multi-phase procurement, consisting of products and services, is valued at over USD40m. The system is expected to go into production in 2013.

Cray said that its Cascade system will provide an innovative supercomputing resource to NERSC users working to advance open science research in climate modelling, biology, environmental sciences, combustion, materials science, chemistry, geosciences, fusion energy, astrophysics, nuclear and high-energy physics and other disciplines, along with scientific visualization of massive data sets.

Cray's next-generation Cascade supercomputer, which is expected to be widely available in the first half of 2013, is the next step in Cray's Adaptive Supercomputing vision. The system will provide over two petaflops of peak performance for NERSC. It will also feature major advancements of the Cray Linux Environment, Cray's HPC-optimized programming environment and the next-generation Aries interconnect chipset. Cascade will also feature support for Intel Xeon processors, reportedly a first for Cray's high-end systems.

Also, the Cray Sonexion storage system delivered to NERSC will scale to more than six petabytes of usable storage and more 140 gigabytes per second of sustained aggregate IO performance. Sonexion brings together an integrated file system, software and storage offering that has been designed specifically for a wide range of HPC workloads, providing users with an integrated, scalable Lustre solution that is easy to install and maintain, Cray said.

The Sonexion storage system combines powerful servers, the latest Lustre parallel file system and efficient management software into a modular and scalable storage product that is tested at scale and supported as a complete solution by Cray.

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Publication:Worldwide Computer Products News
Date:Jun 28, 2012
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