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ISBN 9780979792854, $13.99, 2007, (313) 289-8614,

This is the author NeCee's sequel to "Grooming Him for Her." She continues the story about Nikki Ford and Sasha Benay in this second novel and it does not disappoint. The title of the book is a little strange but is explained by the author's definition of a Crawler. "A Crawler is someone who is never satisfied, always searching for another to fulfill his/her selfish needs, wants, and desires in this moment. Often times, a Crawler thinks the grass is greener on the other side, acts on those feelings and later realizes that the grass is not greener, and then he/she goes crawling back to a past love" (page 145).

As the story continues around the two main characters, we see their relationships change and evolve. Nikki and the father of her son, Brandon, have to redefine their relationship after they break up. As Nikki gets a wonderful promotion and move to Atlanta, she starts over and begins to appreciate her co-worker, Matthew, who completely adores her. In the meantime, Brandon marries his girlfriend, Star, and begins to miss Nikki. Will she let him begin the crawl back to her or accept the love that Matthew has to give?

Sasha Benay is so happy that her best friend Star has found love again after losing her husband a couple of years before. She decides to take her on one last adventure to The Chocolate Festival in Jamaica at "Hedonism 3." Star surprises herself when she meets Stanley and realizes that she is not as happy with Brandon as she thought she was. She must decide if she will follow through with her marriage or follow her heart with Stanley. Sasha is still acting like she is carefree but cannot get Robert, a married man, off her mind. Robert and his wife have a new child and are really happy. As Sasha begins drawing him in again, she realizes that she is playing for love this time.

Oh, the webs these girls weave. As there relationships unfold, each one must make a decision about what they really want in life. Will they accept healthy and happy relationships or will they become victims of, or crawlers, themselves? You will not want to miss the answers to those questions in "Crawlers." The author once again ends her book with a "Food for Thought" section and this time she adds book club discussion questions.

Reviewed by Cherie Fisher for Reader Views
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Author:Fisher, Cherie
Publication:MBR Bookwatch
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Date:Mar 1, 2008
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