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Elias Castillo's A CROSS OF THORNS: THE ENSLAVEMENT OF CALIFORNIA'S INDIANS BY THE SPANISH MISSIONS (9781610352420, $19.95) re-considers a part of California history that has largely been forgotten: the enslavement of California's Indian population by Spanish missionaries from 1769 to 1821: this even though California's Spanish missions are one of the state's major tourist attractions. Across the state, children are taught that the relationship between friars and Indians was a friendly, peaceful one: A Cross of Thorns defies this myth and presents the real facts of the Spanish occupation of California and their cruelty to the Indians. How did this piece of California history become so warped and its myths so universally accepted? This, too, is part of a historical survey that considers the truth of matters, what really happened, and how we come to have the different accounting of events today. No California history holding should be without this! Also highly recommended for California collections is Pat Hunter and Janice Stevens' AN ARTIST AND A WRITER TRAVEL HIGHWAY 1 CENTRAL (9781610352192, $26.95) which packs in over a hundred color Hunter watercolors capturing images of the California central coast as Stevens provides the insights on California history and culture. There are plenty of travel guides that cover the region, but none adopt the unique approach of blending an artist and a writer's personal journey off the beaten path in this particular area. The result is a production that may be enjoyed as an artistic landscape collection, a work of California history, a travelogue, or all three. California collections will find it a lively, appealing addition.

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Title Annotation:A Cross of Thorns: The Enslavement of California's Indians by the Spanish Missions; An Artist and a Writer Travel Highway 1 Central
Publication:California Bookwatch
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Date:Apr 1, 2015
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