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Crates & kennels.

Whether you run field tests or hunt hardcore, pup needs a safe place for travel. Today's options are endless, from small custom crates that lit in the bed of the pickup to giant canine haulers fir you dog trialers and upland guys who love running multiple pointers on roosters. '-'1-hose crates have become more than 3 comfortable way of getting pup from the kennel to the field. They're customized to snuqly fit in the back of your SUV or truck, equipped with slide-out boxes for training and hunting necessities. Dog houses are 'literally that nowadays mini homes for our valued and beloved canine athletes. They deserve nothing less.


For gun dog owners considering a first trailer or those planning to upgrade, Jones Trailer Company is a fine option. In business for 40 years, Jones has made thousands of dog trailers sold worldwide. Trailer features include a standard torsion axle type and wheel size, ventilation by louvers and fans, built-in watering systems, external and internal lighting, and optional storage components. Available in two compartments up to more than 24 with these standard features, or custom-built to your specs.


For more than 120 years, Mason has been designing and selling animal confinement and housing for a wide range of domestic critters. Outside and inside dog kennel runs have been one of the company's most popular products distributed all across North America and in more than 30 countries. Gun dog owners can buy ready-made fencing and accessories or custom design a system to safely, comfortably and conveniently confine any breed. Design assistance and cost estimates are free.


For any gun dog owners in need of cross-country transport, Red Wing Hound Haulers has a way to effectively, efficiently and safely get the job done. Using special-built, multi-compartment dog trailers, Red Wing drivers can pick up and deliver dogs anywhere in the lower 48 states.

(509) 680-2602


New at Canine Cargo Carrier is another advancement in the company's modular, stackable dog creates. Honeycomb Dog Crates are molded in one piece from sturdy easy-to-clean polyethylene and are cast in a six-sided shape so several crates can be set efficiently and securely on top of one another in a space-saving honeycomb pattern. A three- to five-dog pod can be put between the wheel wells of a pickup truck or pods of eight to 13 can be mounted on a flatbed trailer. Likewise pods can be put on the cargo bed of an ATV. A new "slide out" storage system plus water storage option have been added to the Honeycomb design. I (920) 427-7774


Made from high-density polyethylene, the Two Compartment Dog Crate is lightweight and portable (33 pounds), sturdy (powder-coated, welded steel wire doors), and roomy (one unit will accommodate four medium-sized dogs). The Easy Loader I is 49" wide by 21" deep by 21" high and will fit in the bed of any full-size pickup or SUV. Easy Hauler's Deuce (42" wide, 21" deep, and 30" high) can be carried in most smaller pickups, SUVs, vans and station wagons.


Lightweight, easy-to-clean, well-ventilated, and durable, you can see why plastic dog crates are a popular option for hunters and trialers. North Star uses tougher polyethylene plastic welded into a more sturdy, long-lasting, sun-resistant product. North Star also manufacturers welded polyethylene plastic dog trailers in a variety of sizes as well as a selection of stationary, stackable holding crates available in ready-made standard models or custom-designed originals.


Building custom multi-stall dog trailers and dog boxes, Bitter Creek features welded aluminum frames, seamless-steel outer skins and inner walls, 1-inch thick insulation, louvered and barred doors with winter covers, side vents and cooling fans, extruded top rails and grab handles, carpeted storage, lockable t-handles and an easy-to-wash-out design. All trailers have torsion bar axles, aluminum wheels, a top wind tongue jack, and optional top, front or rear storage as well as water tanks and LED lighting.


Turn the back of your truck, SUV or family station wagon into a traveling dog pen/gear hauler. Alumilene specializes in dog crates, equipment storage drawers, and cargo access devices designed to fit your vehicle. Dog crates are made from high density polyethylene and fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The boxes can be equipped with front, back and side doors as well as storage compartments and sliding equipment drawers. Options include built-in watering systems, ventilation louvers and fans, LED lights and movable floor-mounted frames that allow kennels to slide to the tailgate of a truck box for easy access.


The all-metal, chew-proof, weather-resistant swinging Kennel door keeps your pup warm and cozy when the rain and wind starts to pick up. In addition, the Dog Den (available in three models) is made from rust-resistant galvanized steel and plastic sheets. Every Dog Den is designed to be chew-and-toenail proof and can be sent 90 percent assembled or in a kit. Though all Dog Dens are foam insulated for warmth in freezing weather, an electric heater is an option for extreme cold conditions.


For any gun dog owner looking for a simple, easy and quick way to provide an inside/outside kennel run, PA Dutch Builders has the ideal product. Designed and constructed by Amish craftsmen, PA dog kennels are built as a single portable unit that can contain one or several canines. Each dog has its own pen and access to the attached enclosure. The inside has enough room for a dog house, feeding area, and wall-mounted heater or air conditioner.
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