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Crane called.

Crane Called

We said last week we had heard Crane Construction had laid off some project managers and skilled hourly employees but that Rex Crane had not returned our phone calls.

Crane called this week to say he has not laid off any project managers. As for hourly workers, he's laid some off recently and hired some recently; it's an ongoing process in the construction industry, he says.

We do like to share good news when we have it, and the company has just completed a Budgetel Hotel in Texarkana about a month ahead of schedule. That means Crane can probably expect a bonus from the chain. They pocketed an extra $30,000 when they finished another Budgetel, this one in North Little Rock, ahead of schedule.

The Texarkana property has 107 rooms and was finished at a cost of about $2 million in eight months.
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Title Annotation:Rex Crane of Crane Construction; layoffs of employees
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Feb 25, 1991
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