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Cranberry Crispbread Crunch. (Ingredients).

Van der Meulen, bakers in the Netherlands and Ocean Spray Ingredient Technology Group have teamed up together to develop the 'Dutch Crispbake made with Real Cranberries'.

They used diced sweetened dried cranberries as the primary ingredient in order to add colour, flavour and to enhance the nutritional profile.

The Sweetened Dried Cranberry is a sugar-infused, dehydrated cranberry with a characteristic rich, red colour, it retains its shape well through a variety of processing techniques and has been used in products from cereals and snacks to confectionery and baked goods.

SDC's are supplied whole, diced, and with varying moisture levels but Ocean Spray's cranberry fruits are available year-round in frozen, powdered and concentrated forms.

Contact: Ocean Spray ITG on tel: 0161 925 4709 or Visit
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Title Annotation:by Van der Meulen and Ocean Spray Ingredient Technology
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Date:Feb 1, 2002
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