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Cracked and corroded.

The following information is derived from the FAA's Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Corroded Wing Skin

Scheduled inspection found corrosion outboard of wing strut attachment at the left and right wing main spar, leading edge, wing lower skin rivet line area. Corrosion was discovered on the left wing 2.5 feet outboard of strut attachment point and on the right wing 1.5 feet outboard of attachment.

Part Total Time: 13,970 hours


Cracked Bulkhead

Fuselage tailcone bulkhead was found to be cracked in bend radius at both rudder stop bolt locations. Bulkhead reinforcement plate (p/n 0412181-1) found to be cracked between existing vertical stabilizer attachment anchor nuts.

Part Total Time: 7400 hours


Cracked Spinner Backing Plate

Propeller spinner backing plate discovered with several sheared rivets during 100-hour inspection. This is the third unit found in this condition during routine inspections.

Part Total Time: 582 hours


Failed V-Belt

V-belt failure on the right engine of this Thielert-powered twin caused right alternator to fail and engine coolant temp to rise. Right engine was shut clown in flight, the propeller was feathered and the aircraft diverted. The v-belt had recently been replaced on both engines. Investigation revealed possible incorrect installation of v-belts on both engines during maintenance.

Part Total Time: Unknown


Continental TS10-520-VB

During takeoff, the crew reported decreasing oil pressure on the left engine. The crew feathered the prop, shut down the engine and returned to base, Inspection revealed the left starter had separated from the starter adapter, causing oil leak, with six quarts of oil in the sump. The oil filter was inspected along with the prop governor gasket screen with no defects. The left starter and starter adapter were replaced and the aircraft was returned to service.

Part Total Time: Unknown


Continental TS10-520-NB

The number six intake valve lifter broke apart in flight, damaging the case and number five and six cylinders and pistons, causing metal contamination of the oil system. New lifters (p/n 658088--intake) and 658077--exhaust) were installed at overhaul.

Part Total Time: 49 hours

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