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'The Science of Nutrition' series ($29.27 each) provides a fine set of nutrition details to elementary readers. Each book holds 48 pages of nutrition facts and packs in contemporary color photos to accompany sidebars of at-a-glance detail, making these perfect for health collections and for leisure readers alike. Marina Cohen's WHY WE NEED VITAMINS (9780778716907), Angela Royston's WHY WE NEED PROTEINS (9780778716891) and WHY WE NEED WATER AND FIBER (9780778716914), Molly Aloian's WHY WE NEED CARBOHYDRATES (9780778716860) and WHY WE NEED FATS (9780778716877), and James Bow's WHY WE NEED MINERALS (9780778716884) are all top recommendations for any collection seeking basic nutrition facts. The 'Shaping Modern Science' series ($30.60 each) offer 64 pages per book packed with details perfect for advanced elementary collections strong in science. Each book selects a theme then uses scientific discoveries to explore the evolution of the topic and contributions to the development of scientific principles surrounding the genre. Marina Cohen's WHAT IS CELL THEORY? (9780778771999), Adam McLean's WHAT IS ATOMIC THEORY? (9780778771975), Natalie Hyde's WHAT IS GERM THEORY? (9780778772019), Denyse O'Leary's WHAT ARE NEWTON'S LAWS OF MOTION? (9780778772002), Robert Walker's WHAT IS THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION? (9780778771982) and Craig Saunders' WHAT IS THE THEORY OF PLAT TECTONICS? (9780778772026) each describe how theories evolved and changed science. Bright color photos, diagrams, and sidebars of detail make these winning additions to any serious elementary-level science collection!

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Title Annotation:'The Science of Nutrition' series and 'Shaping Modern Science' series
Publication:Children's Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jun 1, 2011
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