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Adding to the 'food chains' series is Bobbie Kalman & Kelley MacAuley's Desert Food Chains (0778719448, $16.95), a colorful survey of desert food chains, offering kids in grades 2-5 clear explanations suitable for reports, paired with color photos. Maps and sidebars of detail complete the offerings. The 'Disaster Alert' titles ($16.95) continue to expand with the addition of Paul Challen's Volcano Alert! (0778715701), telling of kinds of eruptions, forecasting challenges, and volcano effects, his Hurricane And Typhoon Alert! (0778715752), about storm seasons, stages, and destruction; and Shilpa Mehta-Jones' Earthquake Alert! (077871-5728), a survey of seismic waves, tectonic plates, and how science can help. Modern color photos and plenty of information in eye-catching form make for real winners.
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Title Annotation:Desert Food Chains; Volcano Alert!; Hurricane And Typhoon Alert!; Earthquake Alert!
Publication:Children's Bookwatch
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Date:Jun 1, 2005
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