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Cowards with poison in their minds.


It is, if my understanding is correct, it is both a civil and criminal offence in this country to spread malicious gossip which stains the character of others.

Yet, it is a commonly used weapon of spite and can do serious, long-term harm, particularly within the conservative Bahraini community.

Not so very many years ago, a young Bahraini woman came to me looking for a job which, as it happened, she was not suitable for and so left disappointed.

However, another Bahraini saw her in my office and came to me later to warn me against employing her since, in his words, she was a "prostitute".

He did not mean a woman who makes her money by selling sex, but simply that she had been known to have boyfriends which, in his mind, was the same thing.

Now, another Bahraini friend, fairly recently married, is being tormented by a jealous associate, who has spread lies about her in the hope of ruining her life.

Back in my own country, we would take someone like this down a back alley and give him a thumping he would not forget and, quite frankly, I am surprised no-one has done so in this case.

The legal alternative is to report him to the police, which brings with it the risk of increased embarrassment for the victim.

But perhaps the saddest thing is that when people fall prey to such slander, even those close to them will so easily believe it to be the truth - particularly if the victim is a woman.

Even if people don't wholly believe it, they may disassociate themselves from the victim, for fear of being tarnished with the same brush - which of course gives even greater satisfaction to the perpetrator.

My advice to victims of such campaigns is to tough it out, prosecute the perpetrator or, at the very least expose and challenge them publicly and don't worry that friends may desert you.

If they do, they were never really true friends in the first place.

As for the gossip-mongers, remember that they are inadequate cowards unable to achieve anything of worth for themselves and so driven to spoil things for others.

Remember too that the dirt they spread comes from their own minds, which speaks volumes about their own character, values and morals.

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Publication:Gulf Daily News (Manama, Bahrain)
Date:Nov 11, 2009
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