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Covic: Municipality of Ljubuski can be an ideal place to live in.

While attending formal session of the Ljubuski Municipality Council on Monday, BiH Presidency Chairman Dragan Covic pointed out that projects implemented in the municipality could be incentive to make the area of Ljubuski an ideal place to live in.

Addressing those present on the occasion, primarily the chief executive and councilors, Covic said that they could be proud of everything they had done in the past period, recalling a number of new projects that, as he pointed out, all the citizens of Ljubuski could be proud of.

- I am sure that criticism coming from different sides can only be an additional motive to do even better and better and to in a very clear way encourage all levels of government in BiH to support all your projects - Covic underlined in his address.

According to his words, projects implemented in the area of Ljubuski municipality can be encouraging enough to make the area of that municipality be an ideal place to live in.

- May the vicinity of the European Union (EU) and contact with the EU, which is the foundation for development tomorrow, be an incentive for us, as well as help us at the higher levels of government realize absolute equality with two other peoples - said the Chairman of the BiH Presidency.

On the occasion, the Chief Executive of the Municipality, Nevenko Barbaric, in his address, wished to celebrate the next anniversary as mayor, and the councilors to be city councilors, and called on them to work together even more "to make Ljubuski truly a special place to live in ."

When asked how to comment on the economic situation in the area of the municipality, Barbaric has said that, when it comes to finance, a very important item is stabilization of the municipal budget, adding that through its rebalance about half a million marks were directed to infrastructural facilities.

"So if we talk about infrastructure, I have to express my pleasure that we have realized everything we planned and more than that. When it comes to employment in the area of our municipality, migrations are recorded and that is worrying. It is still not alarming, but we lack quality jobs and significant investments, said Barbaric, and as one of the main reasons for the emigration of young people from the municipality, he noted a rather low labor price.

When it comes to the birth rate in the municipality, Barbaric said that there had been a slight decline in birth rate in the past five years.

Addressing the present on the occasion, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in BiH, Ivan Del Vechio, said that today's formal meeting was a good opportunity to see what had been done , pointing out that there were no reasons for pessimism, but on the contrary, for optimism.

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Publication:Federalna Novinska Agencija (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Date:Feb 12, 2018
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