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Refined and redefined: the Boker Plus Urban Trapper is a traditional pattern reinvented. Oct 28, 2016 366
Tough little chief! Despite its size, the Chris Reeve Inkosi is a solid handful. Sep 23, 2016 331
All grown up: the TOPS Baja 4.5 is a bigger version of its sibling. Jul 30, 2016 340
Sweet little skinner! Knives by Thomas are a cut above. Jun 29, 2016 322
Mono madness! Benchmade's Ti Monolock may just be the storied firm's finest knife. Ever. Jun 3, 2016 335
The Bushcrafter's edge: Scandinavian designs once dominated, but now the door is wide open. May 5, 2016 2125
Let's go stag! Silver Stag's Sharp Forest Elk Stick has classic looks, great slice. May 5, 2016 359
A slice of Americana: the cold steel trailmaster bowie has withstood the test of time. Apr 3, 2016 352
Ready to Roc! This new Spyderco reflects a growing trend in cutlery to cleaver-style blades. Mar 2, 2016 367
Rockin' with Nessy: Habilis Bushtools' Nessmuk brings a lot of options to the table. Dec 17, 2015 347
Breaking the mold: ESEE Knives JG3 is a hunter friendly fixer in the new camp-lore line. Dec 1, 2015 343
Folding finery: Ferrum Forge excels at the art of the folding knife. Nov 27, 2015 379
Sleek and slicey! This zero tolerance folder is slick in action. Nov 1, 2015 320
Edged insurance: steel will's lightweight Gekko can handle field or foe. Oct 1, 2015 370
Browning with bite! this gun manufacturer's perfect storm offers some wicked slice. Sep 1, 2015 353
Stew on this: the CRKT HCK1 is a grub rustlin' fixed-blade par excellence. Jun 26, 2015 340
A lock on innovation: the hawk modified Boker Griploc has to be seen and handled to be appreciated. May 27, 2015 380
Think sharp! When it comes to getting an edge, there's more than one way to skin a cat. Apr 25, 2015 1906
Affordable wizardry: Klecker knives' Cordovan offers mighty fine slice for the price. Apr 25, 2015 336
Silent slice! Bad blood scores another hit with the mosier wisper. Apr 1, 2015 324
High-tech Dog Tag: Spyderco just keeps on pushing the design envelope. Feb 25, 2015 367
Survival steel! Tops knives' bob fieldcraft knife is ready to go out and tame the wilderness. Jan 28, 2015 371
Upswept steel! Emerson knives' Hatin serves up a dish of Persian spice. Dec 24, 2014 328
Arkansas thoroughbred: Bob Dozier's little workhorse is a lightweight wonder. Nov 16, 2014 339
Bring the heat: DPx gear loads up the features DN its pint-size HEAT/F folder. Oct 29, 2014 330
Peak performance! Scar blades' high country fixed-blade handles hard duty with ease. Sep 25, 2014 341
Pure spydie! Spyderco's Domino Pin carries on their frame-lock series in the family tradition. Aug 22, 2014 351
My little friend: SOG's Kiku makes for a great daily companion. Aug 2, 2014 328
Small wonder! Boker's lightweight Mini Slik Tanto is ready to defend. Jun 27, 2014 370
Lock 'n' rock! Choose your blade lock and you're ready to roll. Jun 1, 2014 1725
Pride of the peasants: the enduring Opinel may be the best knife for the price ever! Jun 1, 2014 365
Schrade shredder! The SCHF9 extreme survival knife delivers on slice and price. May 21, 2014 323
A little tough love: tops Baja 3.0 fixed blade--big-knife features in a small package. Mar 23, 2014 362
Loaded lightweights: A.G. Russell knives' Skorpion folders are a nice blend of style and sting. Feb 27, 2014 291
Elegant deception: Spartan blades' Phrike is every bit as effective as it is stylish. Feb 9, 2014 330
Four alarm lockback: the Cold Steel Code 4 is a time-proven lock for modern times. Dec 24, 2013 371
Cut the bull: the palm-sized Gerber Bullrush multitool packs a lot of punch. Dec 7, 2013 320
Loaded for boar: Browning's hog hunter fixed blade can get the hard field chores done. Nov 14, 2013 322
Poc-kit rocket! Jantz supply's mini folder liner-lock kit is a great way to learn about knives. Oct 11, 2013 344
Bring the heat! The HTM desert enforcer sports sizzlin' design with a pedigree. Sep 6, 2013 338
1-handed horde! Knives of Alaska's friction locks are a blend of the old and new. Jul 31, 2013 348
A beastly blade! CRKT's Ken Onion redemption is a heavy-duty taskmaster. Jun 25, 2013 397
Worldly wield! The Boker plus Kwaiken combines international steel and superb slice! May 24, 2013 333
Steel, steel, everywhere! But are you choosing the right steel for you? Apr 26, 2013 1860
Barrel backup! Battle blades and tops put the Picatinny to good use! Apr 26, 2013 337
Crowd pleasin' crossover! All purpose fixed blade can hunt and defend. Mar 28, 2013 281
Wilson tactical: a fine bit of force! Mar 1, 2013 330
Fightin' W: straight to the point! Spyderco and Michael Janich refine the Wharncliffe fighter. Jan 19, 2013 310
In praise of littl'uns! Michigan's White River Knives small hunters pack small and deliver big. Dec 22, 2012 344
Everyday alternative: Kenny Teague's KT-8 utility makes a great case for everyday carry. Nov 14, 2012 328
Pound this! Grayman adds a modern Bowie to their popular Mega-Pounder series. Oct 17, 2012 326
This punk rocks! Buck Knives' Hood Punk is one hardworking fixed blade. Sep 27, 2012 313
Light my fire combines fire & steel: the Swedish FireKnife will have your back in a bad situation. Aug 25, 2012 355
Sweetening the pot: DPx Gear's HEST/F 2.0 ups the ante with tools for on the go. Jul 24, 2012 364
Evil finger: benchmade's SOCP is an ancient design with a modern twist. Jul 5, 2012 336
Practical & tactical! Knifemaker Paul LeBatard's Practical Tactical covers all the bases. May 22, 2012 348
Legendary edges! Supplement your vintage guns with edged weapons of the day. Apr 24, 2012 1234
Kershaw's Turbulence: this folder sports slick looks and features aplenty. Apr 24, 2012 334
The force be with you! Krudo Knives offers a different take on the folding knife. Mar 20, 2012 351
Classy cat! Puma's Woods Walker gets the job done with style. Feb 7, 2012 385
Custom workhorse: knifemaker Marvin Winn strikes gold with an affordable handmade hunter. Dec 21, 2011 378
All aboard the bullet train! Spyderco teams up with Butch Vallotton for a real winner. Nov 22, 2011 375
A 2-run homer! Lone Wolf's Trask and Swale go beyond the call of duty. Oct 29, 2011 360
That's "Mister Satu" to you! Grayman Knives new tactical folder commands respect. Oct 4, 2011 389
Techno-runt duo: Mantis Knives' stubby MT tacticals are long on looks. Oct 1, 2011 327
Occam's Ranger: SOG's Northwest Ranger makes a case for simple perfection. Sep 1, 2011 411
Black beauty: the 5.11 Tactical XPRT is big on features, and the price is right. Aug 1, 2011 378
Bird of prey! Sean O'Hare's Kestrel soars in quality and versatility. Jul 1, 2011 352
Slip-joint resurgence! The age-old pocketknife making a strong comeback. Jun 1, 2011 1663
Son of Sebenza! Chris Reeve Knives' Umnumzaan brings quality in spades. Jun 1, 2011 367
Still in the game! The buck 110 folding hunter is a true American success story. May 1, 2011 344
This pig will hunt: KA-BAR's Johnson Adventure Blades Potbelly is a camp friendly attack hog. Apr 1, 2011 310
Cutting finery defined: knifemaker Tim Britton's Serpentine Whittler. Mar 1, 2011 338
Two for the trail: tops' wind runners are two handy knives in one sheath. Feb 1, 2011 358
Leatherman MUT: not your average utility tool. Jan 1, 2011 984
Utility hunter: Bob Dozier's new folder is a winner afield. Oct 1, 2010 949
Hunting steel: how to choose the perfect knife for the hunt. Jul 1, 2010 1368
All the right stuff: Kenny Teague's medium hunter. Feb 1, 2010 951
Tops survival neck wallet. Feb 1, 2010 486
Hi-tech vs. traditional: when it comes to technology, which knives make the cut? Oct 1, 2009 1602
Spyderco's rust-free Aqua Salts: is this the real stainless steel? Aug 1, 2009 986
Cut how? When a knife is too much or not enough. May 1, 2009 1849
Lone wolf knives: where the old meets the new. Oct 1, 2008 1172
Stay sharp! How to maintain and improve the performance of your knife. Oct 1, 2008 2101
The venerable drop point: the hunter's most effective edge? May 1, 2008 2362
CRKT knives: pure hunters. Nov 1, 2007 857
Crossover cutters! Dec 1, 2003 2942
Northern invasion! A look at talented Canadian knifemakers Greg Lightfoot and Brain Tighe. Aug 1, 2003 2565
Cutting edge cowboy: From the wilds of Montana, the exotic blades of Rob Simonich have prompted the world to beat a path to his door. May 1, 2002 1316
The Custom Hunting Knives Of BOB DOZIER. Sep 1, 2001 1043

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