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Cover those holes!

Mechanics, when you remove the universal tracking device (UTD) camera, NSN 6210-01-348-8252, from the AH-64D left extended forward avionics bay (EFAB) and put it back into the vibration analysis kit, NSN 6625-01-282-3746, don't leave the four holes in the left EFAB cowling uncovered.

Before you park your bird outside, make sure the holes are covered after rotor track and balance. Use hole hardware, NSN 5306-01-328-9219, and not the UTD camera attachment hardware.

If the four holes are not covered and the bird sits outside in rainy weather, that's not good. Rain leaks through the holes where the UTD camera sits and into the open vent on top of the target acquisition designation sight (TADS) electronic unit, NSN 1680-01-452-9900.

That water can short out the TADS and make your bird NMC.

When camera is removed, put correct hardware in holes

Make sure hardware does not make contact with TADS electronic unit
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Date:Jun 1, 2006
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