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Coventry and Warwickshire firms among 260 named and shamed for not paying minimum wage; Employers in the city and surrounding region have been ordered to make thousands of pounds in repayments.

Byline: James Rodger

Firms in Coventry and Warwickshire are among 260 employers nationally who have been named for failing to pay a total [pounds sterling]1.7 million in minimum wage rates.

Employers in the city and surrounding region have been ordered to make thousands of pounds in repayments by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

They are among businesses told to pay a total [pounds sterling]1.3million to a record 16,000 workers underpaid the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage.

Primark Stores Limited, Reading, failed to pay [pounds sterling]231,973.12 to 9,735 workers and Retail Ltd, Bolsover, [pounds sterling]167,036.24 to 383 workers, the BEIS said.

Both companies have stores in Coventry city centre.

A spokesman for Sports Direct said the fine related to unpaid hours owed to staff at its warehouse in Derbyshire.

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He added: "This matter relates to the historical situation in our warehouse that was widely publicised in 2016, for which we apologised at the time.

"We cooperated fully with HMRC to make back payments to Sports Direct staff who were affected.

"We are committed to treating all our people with dignity and respect, and we pay above the National Minimum Wage."

Nationally, some of the UK's lowest paid workers are owed [pounds sterling]1.7 million in back pay.

Retail, hairdressing and hospitality businesses were among the most prolific offenders in the latest round. Common errors included failing to pay workers travelling between jobs, deducting money from pay for uniforms and not paying overtime.

Business Minister Margot James said: "There is no excuse for not paying staff the wages they're entitled to and the government will come down hard on businesses that break the rules. That's why today we are naming hundreds of employers who have been short changing their workers; and to ensure there are consequences for their wallets as well as their reputation, we've levied millions in back pay and fines."

Bryan Sanderson, Chairman of the Low Pay Commission, backed the decision to name national brands and small businesses alike.

Mr Sanderson said: "The Low Pay Commission's conversations with employers suggest that the risk of being named is encouraging businesses to focus on compliance.

"Further, it is good to see that HMRC continues to target large employers who have underpaid a large number of workers, as well as cases involving only a few workers, where workers are at risk of the most serious exploitation.

"It is imperative that the government keeps up the pressure on all employers who commit breaches of minimum wage law."

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The scheme has identified [pounds sterling]8 million in back pay for 58,000 workers over the past four years. The government has fined 1,500 employers a total [pounds sterling]5million over the period.

A record [pounds sterling]25.3 million will be spent on minimum wage enforcement this year, the BEIS said, with rates rising again in April 2018.

The increase was billed as the biggest pay boost for young workers in a decade by the department as it announced the latest fines today (FRIDAY).

Nelson Recruitment Services said: "Nelson Recruitment Services believes in acting at all times with integrity and in accordance with our legal obligations. We regularly carry out internal audits to ensure any errors or oversights are corrected. We work closely with our advisors and always seek to work with transparency. If any member of our workforce feels at any point that there is an issue, they are actively encouraged to speak to us so that we can properly investigate their concerns."

A Primark spokesperson said: "Following a routine audit by HMRC, Primark confirms it has paid a number of its employees in instances where HMRC deemed these employees to have received less than the National Minimum Wage. The average amount paid per employee was [pounds sterling]23.75 and relates to a workwear policy that was changed in 2016 and also to administration costs for court orders involving a small number of staff.

"The company is committed to the National Minimum Wage and has apologised to the employees concerned. It has also reviewed its procedures in order to avoid this situation re-occurring."

Workers concerned they are not being paid the correct rates can seek advice from workplace experts ACAS.


The 260 employers named today are:

1. The Best Connection Group Limited, Bromsgrove B61, failed to pay [pounds sterling]469,273.83 to 2558 workers.

2. Qualitycourse Limited trading as Transline Group, Calderdale HD6, failed to pay [pounds sterling]310,302.12 to 1421 workers.

3. Primark Stores Limited, Reading RG1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]231,973.12 to 9735 workers.

4. Retail Limited, Bolsover NG20, failed to pay [pounds sterling]167,036.24 to 383 workers.

5. Edward Mackay Contractor Ltd, Highland KW9, failed to pay [pounds sterling]51,403.65 to 4 workers.

6. Payerise 72 Limited, Kingston upon Thames KT3, failed to pay [pounds sterling]29,979.27 to 130 workers.

7. Mr Percy John Puddepha, Mrs Rosemary Puddepha, Mr Brian Puddepha and Ms Diana Puddepha trading as The Pines Hotel, Purbeck BH19, failed to pay [pounds sterling]20,557.68 to 15 workers.

8. Ramside Estates Limited, County Durham DH1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]17,536.59 to 8 workers.

9. Bedruthan Hotel Limited, Cornwall TR8, failed to pay [pounds sterling]14,215.61 to 22 workers.

10. First Rate FX Limited, Tower Hamlets E14, failed to pay [pounds sterling]11,802.36 to 4 workers.

11. D MacGillivray & Co Ltd, Na h-Eileanan Siar HS7, failed to pay [pounds sterling]11,656.93 to 11 workers.

12. Bournemouth Brewing Group Limited, Poole BH17, failed to pay [pounds sterling]11,387.84 to 1 worker.

13. Willerby Manor Hotels Limited, East Riding of Yorkshire HU10, failed to pay [pounds sterling]10,133.13 to 37 workers.

14. The Message Enterprise Centre trading as Shine Hair & Beauty, Manchester M22, failed to pay [pounds sterling]9,936.05 to 7 workers.

15. Headlam Leisure Limited trading as Headlam Hall Hotel, County Durham DL2, failed to pay [pounds sterling]9,157.42 to 8 workers.

16. Sabai Hairdressing Ltd., Newcastle upon Tyne NE1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]8,144.38 to 6 workers.

17. Regal Amusement Machines Sales Limited trading as Regal Gaming and Leisure, South Ribble PR5, failed to pay [pounds sterling]8,081.93 to 74 workers.

18. Global Voices Ltd, Stirling FK9, failed to pay [pounds sterling]8,026.13 to 4 workers.

19. Mrs Hardeep Sodhi and Mrs Salma Choudhary trading as Cape Hill Solicitors, Sandwell B66, failed to pay [pounds sterling]7,917.22 to 1 worker.

20. Cuba Lily (North East) Limited, County Durham DH1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]7,917.09 to 26 workers.

21. Black Yak Ltd, East Riding of Yorkshire YO25, failed to pay [pounds sterling]7,728.09 to 2 workers.

22. Low Wood Hotel (1958) Limited trading as Low Wood Bay, South Lakeland LA23, failed to pay [pounds sterling]7,341.25 to 34 workers.

23. Martin Bros. Removals Limited, Wiltshire BA12, failed to pay [pounds sterling]7,251.55 to 3 workers.

24. Nine Grounds Limited Alchemy, Bristol BS31, failed to pay [pounds sterling]7,198.84 to 49 workers.

25. Little People (Stanningley) Limited, Leeds LS28, failed to pay [pounds sterling]7,035.11 to 5 workers.

26. Dunnes Stores (Bangor) Limited, Belfast BT1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]6,951.17 to 804 workers.

27. Craydawn Pendley Manor Limited trading as Pendley Manor Hotel, Dacorum HP23, failed to pay [pounds sterling]6,048.74 to 4 workers.

28. Crook & Crook Limited, Highland IV2, failed to pay [pounds sterling]5,726.77 to 2 workers.

29. Mr Rex Hanson and Mr Robin Wright trading as Hanson & Wright, North Lincolnshire DN17, failed to pay [pounds sterling]5,533.05 to 1 worker.

30. Mobeen Restaurant And Takeaway Limited, Waltham Forest E10, failed to pay [pounds sterling]5,433.99 to 1 worker.

31. Mr Martin Brindley Station Cars, Wrexham LL11, failed to pay [pounds sterling]5,303.74 to 1 worker.

32. The New Ocean Hotel Limited, North Somerset BS23, failed to pay [pounds sterling]5,206.33 to 11 workers.

33. Brownbridge Limited, Bury BL9, failed to pay [pounds sterling]5,174.82 to 5 workers.

34. Premier Carewaiting Limited, Redbridge IG1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]5,123.52 to 9 workers.

35. Y & V Partners Limited trading as Imperial Oriental, Redbridge IG7, failed to pay [pounds sterling]5,027.34 to 2 workers.

36. Mrs Felicity Anne Reay trading as Cornhill Carriage Company, Northumberland TD12, failed to pay [pounds sterling]4,974.26 to 1 worker.

37. Fingerprints Nursery Ltd, Kirklees BD19, failed to pay [pounds sterling]4,686.88 to 1 worker.

38. Northumberland Hotel LLP trading as The Northumberland Hotel, Edinburgh EH16, failed to pay [pounds sterling]4,685.39 to 2 workers.

39. Mr Jeffrey Spencer Dennis trading as Spencer Dennis Joinery, Wirral CH41, failed to pay [pounds sterling]4,653.32 to 1 worker.

40. The Manor House Hotel (Castle Combe) Limited trading as The Manor House Hotel & Golf Club, Wiltshire SN14, failed to pay [pounds sterling]4,613.85 to 9 workers.

41. Keystone Properties (UK) Limited, Rochdale OL16, failed to pay [pounds sterling]4,395.86 to 4 workers.

42. Salon Syndicate Limited trading as Shapes, Edinburgh EH15, failed to pay [pounds sterling]4,111.12 to 4 workers.

43. Shield On-Site Services Ltd, Herefordshire HR9, failed to pay [pounds sterling]3,912.24 to 1 worker.

44. Mr Nicholas Jesse Mitchell and Mrs Angela Marie Mitchell trading as Alter Ego, Colchester CO1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]3,722.17 to 5 workers.

45. International Subcontracting Solutions Ltd, Guernsey GY10, failed to pay [pounds sterling]3,664.89 to 1 worker.

46. GST Partners trading as The Five Bells, St Edmundsbury CO10, failed to pay [pounds sterling]3,574.18 to 2 workers.

47. Loubnan Natural Foods Ltd, Ealing NW10, failed to pay [pounds sterling]3,472.98 to 13 workers.

48. Khela Enterprises Limited, Rotherham S60, failed to pay [pounds sterling]3,380.31 to 2 workers.

49. Mr Richard Short trading as Richard Short Plumbing and Heating, Worthing BN14, failed to pay [pounds sterling]3,317.71 to 1 worker.

50. Mrs Rena Muir trading as TRC Hair Design, Renfrewshire PA1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]3,315.07 to 1 worker.

51. Atlas Property Management Limited trading as Taylor Viscount Estate Agents, Bournemouth BH7, failed to pay [pounds sterling]3,267.35 to 1 worker.

52. UK Legion Marketing Ltd., Wirral CH41, failed to pay [pounds sterling]3,227.56 to 1 worker.

53. Total Site Maintenance Limited, Neath Port Talbot SA12, failed to pay [pounds sterling]3,176.62 to 127 workers.

54. Spina Ltd, Camden NW6, failed to pay [pounds sterling]3,154.18 to 1 worker.

55. Eventful Temps Ltd., Leicester LE4, failed to pay [pounds sterling]3,087.52 to 39 workers.

56. A Consultancy Services Limited trading as The Fallowfield Lodge, Manchester M14, failed to pay [pounds sterling]2,995.41 to 7 workers.

57. The Bear & Pheasant Limited, Stafford ST17, failed to pay [pounds sterling]2,975.25 to 1 worker.

58. Higginshaw Abattoir Limited, Oldham OL2, failed to pay [pounds sterling]2,879.12 to 1 worker.

59. Mr Dhimiter Arkelaos trading as Handy Andy Car Wash, Renfrewshire G51, failed to pay [pounds sterling]2,852.76 to 2 workers.

60. Future Salons South Ltd trading as Philola, West Berkshire RG14, failed to pay [pounds sterling]2,842.6 to 1 worker.

61. Hughes & Daughters Care Ltd trading as Blue Ribbon Community Care Tyne and Wear, Sunderland SR2, failed to pay [pounds sterling]2,789.06 to 22 workers.

62. Motherwell Football and Athletic Club Limited (The) trading as Motherwell F.C., North Lanarkshire ML1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]2,755.34 to 12 workers.

63. Methodist Holiday Hotels Limited trading as Raven Hall Hotel, Scarborough YO13, failed to pay [pounds sterling]2,754.57 to 5 workers.

64. Viking Energy Solutions Limited, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 failed to pay [pounds sterling]2,606.97 to 19 workers.

65. Vernon Community College C.I.C., Nottingham NG1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]2,532.28 to 2 workers.

66. Orient Property Services Ltd., Redbridge IG3, failed to pay [pounds sterling]2,520.6 to 1 worker.

67. G3rry Limited trading as Hughes Chemist, Glasgow City G41, failed to pay [pounds sterling]2,423.74 to 2 workers.

68. Rare Fashion Limited, Wiltshire L5, failed to pay [pounds sterling]2,410.13 to 1 worker.

69. Greenock Morton Football Club Limited trading as Greenock Morton F.C., Inverclyde PA15, failed to pay [pounds sterling]2,382.46 to 6 workers.

70. The Holiday and Flight Centre Limited, South Lanarkshire ML3, failed to pay [pounds sterling]2,242.08 to 1 worker.

71. Barbara Daley Hair & Beauty Limited, Liverpool L1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]2,200.18 to 4 workers.

72. Mr Ryan Edge trading as Francis and Ashley Hairdressing (previous owner), Dudley DY8, failed to pay [pounds sterling]2,196.33 to 1 worker.

73. Energy Controls Limited, Calderdale HX5, failed to pay [pounds sterling]2,136.86 to 1 worker.

74. Moorlands Travel (Kelty) Limited, Fife KY4, failed to pay [pounds sterling]2,110.8 to 2 workers.

75. Advanced Building (NW) Ltd., Salford M28, failed to pay [pounds sterling]2,027.04 to 1 worker.

76. AAM & Sons Limited trading as Cheeky Monkees Day Nursery, Stockton-on-Tees TS19, failed to pay [pounds sterling]2,002.24 to 38 workers.

77. Crystal Elderly Care Ltd., Croydon CR5, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,980.71 to 1 worker.

78. The Works Stores Limited, North Warwickshire B46, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,963.01 to 41 workers.

79. The Style Guru Limited, West Berkshire RG7, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,926.98 to 5 workers.

80. Smile and Implant Ltd., Leicester LE3, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,917.04 to 1 worker.

81. PC Solve Ltd trading as Ink2Print, Peterborough PE1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,901.6 to 1 worker.

82. Pizza Inn Wembley Ltd., Brent HA0, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,824.38 to 1 worker.

83. Few Inns Limited trading as The Boot Inn, West Oxfordshire OX29, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,820.07 to 1 worker.

84. Annandale Bed and Bath Service Limited, Dumfries and Galloway DG10, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,803.22 to 3 workers.

85. Gisburne Park Estates Limited trading as Ribblesdale Park, Ribble Valley BB7, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,792.17 to 1 worker.

86. Ms Fiona Victoria Marden trading as Legends, Wealden BN27, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,750.39 to 1 worker.

87. Ambleside Inns Limited trading as The Alexandra, East Riding of Yorkshire HU18, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,741.78 to 2 workers.

88. John Olivers (Ipswich) Limited, Ipswich IP4, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,662.84 to 7 workers.

89. Bristol Rovers Football Club Limited trading as Bristol Rovers F.C., Bristol, BS7 failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,651.86 to 52 workers.

90. Antoniou Hair Fashions Limited trading as Antoniou Hair and Beauty, Canterbury CT1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,629.17 to 16 workers.

91. Elmic Limited Monroes, Dudley DY8, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,598.06 to 1 worker.

92. Heyrod Construction Limited, Oldham OL9, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,588.6 to 1 worker.

93. Norella Limited trading as Alexsa, Mansfield NG18, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,566.28 to 2 workers.

94. Influence Conditioned Air Limited, Glasgow City G2, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,551.32 to 1 worker.

95. Mrs Jennifer Preece trading as DNL Family Barbers, Cheshire East CW5, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,495.52 to 3 workers.

96. Shawn Associates Limited, Luton LU1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,458.77 to 1 worker.

97. Mr Prem Kumar and Mrs Suresh Kumar trading as Acklam Road Post Office, Middlesbrough TS5, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,453.37 to 2 workers.

98. Nightingales UK Limited, Warrington WA1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,453.22 to 4 workers.

99. Anthony John Salons Limited, Lichfield WS14, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,448.79 to 9 workers.

100. Hillfoot Homes Limited, Clackmannanshire FK14, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,439.36 to 2 workers.

101. Mr Bharat Savjani and Mr Vikesh Savjani trading as Sussex Service Station, Birmingham B12, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,430.66 to 11 workers.

102. Rochdale Plastics Ltd, Rochdale OL16, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,411.93 to 1 worker.

103. N K Hair Studio Limited, Oldham OL3, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,411.12 to 2 workers.

104. Mrs Therese McMonagle trading as Teri's Hair Salon, South Ayrshire KA9, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,408.92 to 2 workers.

105. DGC Building Services Limited, Dudley DY1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,377.84 to 3 workers.

106. Subway South Limited trading as Subway, Bournemouth BH9, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,361.38 to 2 workers.

107. Mrs Safira Pandor trading as Al Noor Playgroup, Kirklees WF13, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,297.72 to 1 worker.

108. Nicholas Anthony Hairdressers Ltd, Bedford MK40, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,279.42 to 1 worker.

109. Brynamman One Stop Limited, Neath Port Talbot SA18, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,252.76 to 1 worker.

110. Provectus Medical Limited, Pendle BB9, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,224.51 to 1 worker.

111. Lavender House (Ashburton) Limited trading as Lavender House Hotel, Teignbridge TQ13, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,220.24 to 1 worker.

112. ERWA Limited Hand Car Wash, Walsall WS2, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,212.96 to 3 workers.

113. Little and Shooting Stars Ltd, Wakefield WF5, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,192.97 to 1 worker.

114. BM&AA Soluction Limited trading as A & K Hair Design, City of Edinburgh EH10, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,172.83 to 1 worker.

115. Everstar Properties Limited, Harrow HA2, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,166.06 to 2 workers.

116. AEH Hotels Limited trading as The Manor At Sway Hotel & Restaurant, New Forest SO41 failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,165.72 to 2 workers.

117. Whelan HotelCo Limited trading as The Wrightington Hotel and Country Club, West Lancashire WN6, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,142.32 to 19 workers.

118. 5th Generation Limited, Oldham M35, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,125.34 to 1 worker.

119. Blushes Hairdressing Ltd, Cheltenham GL50, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,112.94 to 2 workers.

120. S M W Construction Limited, Preston PR1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,090.71 to 3 workers.

121. Mrs Sharon E Daniels trading as Clippers, Ashfield NG17, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,017.68 to 2 workers.

122. Philosophi Limited, Glasgow City G1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,012.49 to 1 worker.

123. Innovate Services Limited, Woking KT14, failed to pay [pounds sterling]1,010.18 to 2 workers.

124. B & E Travel Limited trading as Barrhead Travel, Fife KY7, failed to pay [pounds sterling]994.56 to 1 worker.

125. Mrs Parvinder Kaur trading as Monkbridge Off Licence, Leeds LS6, failed to pay [pounds sterling]986.56 to 1 worker.

126. Jasi Company (UK) Limited trading as Costcutter, Plymouth PL2, failed to pay [pounds sterling]981.56 to 1 worker.

127. Admiral Care Ltd, Portsmouth PO3, failed to pay 954.23 to 1 worker.

128. Mr Ali Goultekin and Mrs Gulsin Goultekin trading as Go West, Greenwich SE3, failed to pay [pounds sterling]946.6 to 1 worker.

129. Synergie+ Plus Ltd trading as Fit4less, Peterborough PE1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]944.07 to 2 workers.

130. May's @ The Hollybush Ltd trading as The Hollybush Inn, East Ayrshire KA6, failed to pay [pounds sterling]935.81 to 1 worker.

131. Sandersons (UK) Limited trading as Sandersons Bakery, Blackburn with Darwen BB1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]910.6 to 1 worker.

132. Arran Brew Ltd, North Ayrshire KA27, failed to pay [pounds sterling]872.77 to 2 workers.

133. Ron Skinner & Sons Ltd, Blaenau Gwent NP22, failed to pay [pounds sterling]863.5 to 2 workers.

134. Mr Roger Simpson and Ms Emma Jones trading as Brightsparks Purley Way, Croydon CR0

failed to pay [pounds sterling]847.69 to 1 worker.

135. Swissport Ltd, Halton WA7, failed to pay [pounds sterling]841.34 to 5 workers.

136. Hardwick Supermarket Ltd trading as Hardwick Frozen Foods, Stockton-on-Tees TS19, failed to pay [pounds sterling]837.2 to 1 worker.

137. Ms Kate Ellen Khan and Ms Hayley Twist trading as Toybox Private Nursery, Wakefield WF1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]828.03 to 2 workers.

138. MMJ London Limited trading as Melissa McArthur Jewellery, Hammersmith and Fulham W6, failed to pay [pounds sterling]819.02 to 1 worker.

139. N & J Oxby Limited trading as Elite, Doncaster DN10, failed to pay [pounds sterling]806.32 to 1 worker.

140. Mr Mark Ghani trading as Sync Plumbing & Heating Solutions, Wigan WN2, failed to pay [pounds sterling]782.16 to 1 worker.

141. The Trouville Hotel LLP trading The Trouvile Hotel, Bournemouth BH2, failed to pay [pounds sterling]781.51 to 11 workers.

142. Mrs Andrea McKie trading as Angels Assisted Living Services, Northumberland NE42, failed to pay [pounds sterling]772.45 to 1 worker.

143. Mr Arie Ahmed Rasoul trading as Mini Sam, Corby NN17, failed to pay [pounds sterling]771.76 to 1 worker.

144. Budock Vean Hotel Limited, Cornwall TR11, failed to pay [pounds sterling]765.58 to 1 worker.

145. The Gentry Grooming Co (Merchandising) Limited, Salford M3, failed to pay [pounds sterling]765.33 to 1 worker.

146. Mr Robert Beercock trading as beercocks, East Riding of Yorkshire HU13, failed to pay [pounds sterling]744.04 to 10 workers.

147. Grayshott Leisure Limited trading as Grayshott Spa (under previous ownership), East Hampshire GU26, failed to pay [pounds sterling]733.87 to 6 workers.

148. Elenaz Limited trading as Ozmen Local, North East Derbyshire S21, failed to pay [pounds sterling]702.16 to 1 worker.

149. Alderforce North Limited trading as KFC, Brent HA9, failed to pay [pounds sterling]699.79 to 23 workers.

150. Mrs Arusha Korrin and Mr Anush Prem Korrin trading as CafAaAaAeA@ Lo Shrub Hill, Worcester WR4, failed to pay [pounds sterling]697.25 to 4 workers.

151. Mr Karwan Kader Hassan trading as Best Hand Car Wash, Derby DE23, failed to pay [pounds sterling]695.90 to 3 workers.

152. Mr Darren Beaman trading as Darren Beaman Tailoring, Leeds LS11, failed to pay [pounds sterling]689.90 to 1 worker.

153. Mr Aidas Armonas trading as The Hand Car Wash People, Bath and North East Somerset BA2, failed to pay [pounds sterling]660.19 to 6 workers.

154. Rothwell & Robertson Limited trading as Ye Olde Bull's Head Inn, Isle of Anglesey LL58, failed to pay [pounds sterling]627.53 to 1 worker.

155. Amish Wholesalers Limited, Barking and Dagenham IG11, failed to pay [pounds sterling]624.79 to 7 workers.

156. Mrs Lynne McCullough trading as Lynne Capelli Salon, West Dunbartonshire G82, failed to pay [pounds sterling]620.65 to 3 workers.

157. Tots N Tykes (Leeds) Limited trading as Tots N Tykes, Leeds LS28, failed to pay [pounds sterling]619.73 to 3 workers.

158. Mr Keith David Fearn trading as The Monaco Hotel, Merton BS23, failed to pay [pounds sterling]607.76 to 1 worker.

159. Nelson Recruitment Services Ltd, Birmingham B44, failed to pay [pounds sterling]601.77 to 64 workers.

160. Star Alliance FM Limited, Redbridge IG3, failed to pay [pounds sterling]594.95 to 2 workers.

161. Nursery on the Green (UK) Limited, Merton CR4, failed to pay [pounds sterling]586.24 to 8 workers.

162. Charlotte Murray Limited, Haringey N10, failed to pay [pounds sterling]585.20 to 2 workers.

163. Fletcher Contract Cleaning Limited, Allerdale CA7, failed to pay [pounds sterling]569.04 to 10 workers.

164. Copart UK Limited, Bedford MK43 failed to pay [pounds sterling]567.06 to 4 workers.

165. Shorter & Co (London) Limited, Greenwich SE3, failed to pay 560.28 to 6 workers.

166. Kids in Charge (Making a Choice for a Better Future) Ltd, Redbridge IG1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]552.15 to 1 worker.

167. Forever Warm Homes Ltd, Newry, Mourne and Down BT35, failed to pay [pounds sterling]535.68 to 1 worker.

168. Gordon Hotels Limited trading as The Queens Hotel, Bournemouth BH1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]534.18 to 3 workers.

169. Essex and Suffolk Quality Care Ltd., Tendring CO16, failed to pay [pounds sterling]517.4 to 2 workers.

170. Edmundson Electrical Limited, Cheshire East WA16, failed to pay [pounds sterling]507.09 to 1 worker.

171. Falkirk Football and Athletic Club (The) trading as Falkirk Athletic F.C., Falkirk FK2, failed to pay [pounds sterling]494.51 to 1 worker.

172. Y2K Hair & Beauty Limited, Wiltshire SN15, failed to pay [pounds sterling]483.5 to 1 worker.

173. Mr Giovanni Francis Calandra trading as Calandras Menswear, Herefordshire HR1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]481.66 to 1 worker.

174. LFH (Woolley Grange) Limited trading as Woolley Grange Hotel, Wiltshire BA15, failed to pay [pounds sterling]469.14 to 1 worker.

175. 28 Low Street Limited trading as KH Hair, Ashfield NG17, failed to pay [pounds sterling]465.29 to 2 workers.

176. Tomlinson Wightman Ltd, South Lakeland LA9, failed to pay [pounds sterling]462.5 to 3 workers.

177. Tims Lamama Ltd trading as La Mama CafAaAaAeA@ Restaurant, Wigan WN failed to pay [pounds sterling]458.31 to 1 worker.

178. LDM Contracting Services Limited, Islington BL9, failed to pay [pounds sterling]451.83 to 2 workers.

179. Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club (1986) Limited trading as Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C., Wolverhampton WV1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]450.79 to 17 workers.

180. Mr Archie Dowding trading as Aquarius, Bexley DA1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]448.82 to 1 worker.

181. Punjabi Sweets & Curry House Ltd, Sandwell B66, failed to pay [pounds sterling]446.95 to 3 workers.

182. Consumable Direct Limited, Trafford M32, failed to pay [pounds sterling]429.31 to 1 worker.

183. Took Us A Long Time Limited trading as Wildwood Restaurant, Chester CW9, failed to pay [pounds sterling]427.39 to 2 workers.

184. Progressive Retail Solutions Limited, Rotherham S61, failed to pay [pounds sterling]424.80 to 1 worker.

185. Mr Phillip Johnson, Mrs Jeanette Johnson and Mr Roddy Patterson trading as The Railway Inn, Salford M44, failed to pay [pounds sterling]419.78 to 1 worker.

186. Mr Alex Selmani trading as Maltings Hand Car Wash, Epping Forest CM21, failed to pay [pounds sterling]399.41 to 4 workers.

187. Gonzales (SR) Limited, Bolton BL4, failed to pay [pounds sterling]382.05 to 1 worker.

188. Alternative Salon Ltd trading as Alternative Hair Studio, Broxbourne EN8, failed to pay [pounds sterling]379.28 to 2 workers.

189. Pippins Nursery (Leeds) Ltd, Leeds LS27, failed to pay [pounds sterling]371.2 to 1 worker.

190. Rissco Foods Limited, Sandwell B66, failed to pay [pounds sterling]368.81 to 4 workers.

191. Mr Sajad Ali and Mr Mohammed Ifzal trading as Hadfields, East Staffordshire DE15, failed to pay [pounds sterling]362.32 to 3 workers.

192. Limasole Limited, Ealing W3 failed to pay [pounds sterling]333.64 to 1 worker.

193. Arthur Chatwin Limited, Cheshire East CW5, failed to pay [pounds sterling]331.94 to 8 workers.

194. Apcoa Parking (UK) Limited, Hillingdon UB8, failed to pay [pounds sterling]329.01 to 1 worker.

195. Manpower Direct (UK) Ltd., Barking and Dagenham RM10, failed to pay [pounds sterling]324.52 to 1 worker.

196. R6 Autos Limited, Milton Keynes MK13, failed to pay [pounds sterling]318.05 to 1 worker.

197. Brookleigh Caring Services Limited, Stockton-on-Tees TS18, failed to pay [pounds sterling]313.51 to 15 workers.

198. Mrs Kalpana Zore trading as Amit Stores Off Licence, Burnley BB11, failed to pay [pounds sterling]310.94 to 1 worker.

199. Men At Work (Wales) Limited, Conwy LL31, failed to pay [pounds sterling]310.8 to 1 worker.

200. Hemsby HCW Ltd, trading as Hemsby Hand Car Wash, Great Yarmouth NR29, failed to pay 292 to 2 workers.

201. Balfour Evans Catering Ltd trading as The Queens At Belbroughton, Bromsgrove DY9, failed to pay [pounds sterling]290.51 to 1 worker.

202. Cotswold Inns and Hotels Limited, Wychavon WR11, failed to pay [pounds sterling]281.58 to 1 worker.

203. Mr Thiyagarajah Pirabaharan and Ms Dhayalini Ariyaratnam trading as Attenborough Service Station, Broxtowe NG9, failed to pay [pounds sterling]278.39 to 1 worker.

204. Greenwood Fryery Limited, Warrington WA1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]276.81 to 1 worker.

205. Torquay United Association Football Club Limited (The), Torbay TQ1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]276.40 to 2 workers.

206. R&J (Builders Hardware) Limited, Blackburn with Darwen BB1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]274.68 to 1 worker.

207. Guy Elliott Publishing Limited, Wiltshire SP7, failed to pay [pounds sterling]267.84 to 1 worker.

208. Mr Patrick Courtney and Mrs Patricia Courtney trading as Courtneys Sandwich Bar, Newry, Mourne and Down BT34, failed to pay [pounds sterling]267.58 to 3 workers.

209. Mr Stephen Gomes trading as Moksh, Cardiff CF10, failed to pay [pounds sterling]263.22 to 2 workers.

210. Springfield Country Hotel (Stoborough) Limited, Purbeck BH20, failed to pay [pounds sterling]262.55 to 1 worker.

211. Proactive Personnel (West Midlands) Limited, Telford and Wrekin TF2, failed to pay [pounds sterling]258.56 to 21 workers.

212. Euro Hand Car Wash Limited, Swindon SN3, failed to pay [pounds sterling]255.6 to 1 worker.

213. Alim Caterers Limited trading as KFC, Hillingdon HA4, failed to pay [pounds sterling]253.44 to 3 workers.

214. Development Football Limited, Hart GU52, failed to pay [pounds sterling]252.14 to 1 worker.

215. Jo and Cass Limited, Lancaster LA1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]252.00 to 5 workers.

216. Athena (SW) Limited trading as Athena, Wiltshire SN15, failed to pay [pounds sterling]251.69 to 1 worker.

217. G.S. Associates (Scotland) Limited, Renfrewshire PA4, failed to pay [pounds sterling]241.20 to 1 worker.

218. Ashfin Limited trading as Zappas, Wokingham RG40, failed to pay [pounds sterling]239.83 to 1 worker.

219. Central Southern Security Limited, New Forest SO41, failed to pay [pounds sterling]239.59 to 1 worker.

220. Mr S Boyd and Mrs Maureen Boyd trading as Reflex Hair Studio, Belfast BT4, failed to pay [pounds sterling]227.93 to 2 workers.

221. The Recruitment & Employment Bureau Ltd, Mansfield NG18, failed to pay [pounds sterling]223.20 to 1 worker.

222. Mrs Johanna Patricia Walsh trading as Stage-Door, Stockport SK1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]221.25 to 3 workers.

223. Inspired Care Limited, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15, failed to pay [pounds sterling]220.00 to 1 worker.

224. Mango Direct Marketing Ltd, Ards and North Down BT19, failed to pay [pounds sterling]215.57 to 6 workers.

225. Vale Holiday Parks Limited, Ceredigion SY23, failed to pay [pounds sterling]213.38 to 2 workers.

226. Partners Hairdressing Limited, Cheshire East SK9, failed to pay [pounds sterling]213.05 to 1 worker.

227. 5 Star Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd, Wakefield WF10, failed to pay [pounds sterling]210.60 to 1 worker.

228. Mr Tarsem Singh trading as Eggless Cake Shop, Coventry CV6, failed to pay [pounds sterling]203.53 to 3 workers.

229. KH Resourcing Limited trading as Know How Resourcing, Leeds LS11, failed to pay [pounds sterling]201.45 to 12 workers.

230. Aja Lounge Ltd Crown & Pepper, Croydon CR0, failed to pay [pounds sterling]188.47 to 2 workers.

231. Premier Personal Care Limited, South Oxfordshire RG9, failed to pay [pounds sterling]188.41 to 3 workers.

232. Martlane Limited trading as Forest Place Nursing Home, Epping Forest IG9, failed to pay [pounds sterling]182.40 to 1 worker.

233. Mr Robert Chapman and Mr Michael Chapman trading as Touche Hairdressing, Tandridge CR3, failed to pay [pounds sterling]174.75 to 4 workers.

234. Creations Desserts Ltd trading as Creation Dessert Lounge, Peterborough PE1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]174.14 to 2 workers.

235. Mr David Hill and Mrs Jayne Hill trading as Langwith Premier Store, Bolsover NG20, failed to pay [pounds sterling]172.61 to 1 worker.

236. Mrs Nathalie Zabbal trading as The Newbridge, Wolverhampton WV6, failed to pay [pounds sterling]170.67 to 1 worker.

237. The Nail and Beauty Zone Limited, City of Edinburgh EH3, failed to pay [pounds sterling]170.59 to 4 workers.

238. Covra Management Limited, Birmingham B10, failed to pay [pounds sterling]168.84 to 2 workers.

239. Hillcrest Childrens Services Limited, Havant PO9, failed to pay [pounds sterling]162.24 to 1 worker.

240. Bishopsgate Business Solutions Ltd, Harrow HA1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]156.43 to 1 worker.

241. RU Hungry Ltd trading as Pizza Hut Delivery, Stockton-on-Tees TS18, failed to pay [pounds sterling]156.35 to 1 worker.

242. Supreme Security Solutions UK Ltd, Havering RM7, failed to pay [pounds sterling]155.08 to 1 worker.

243. Ms Thuy Thanh Nguyen trading as Fashion Nails, Richmond upon Thames TW11, failed to pay [pounds sterling]147.30 to 2 workers.

244. S.W. Enviro Limited, West Lothian EH55, failed to pay [pounds sterling]146.43 to 2 workers.

245. Perfect10247 Ltd trading as Papa Johns, Birmingham B5 failed to pay [pounds sterling]146.39 to 6 workers.

246. Archer Wise Accountants & Auditors Limited, Hammersmith and Fulham SW6, failed to pay [pounds sterling]141.70 to 1 worker.

247. Tower Carpets Limited, Birmingham B23, failed to pay [pounds sterling]141.66 to 3 workers.

248. The Hair & Beauty Company (Wigan) Ltd, Wigan WN2, failed to pay [pounds sterling]140.48 to 2 workers.

249. Irqa Spicy Food Ltd trading as Nosheen Tandoori, Aberdeenshire AB41, failed to pay [pounds sterling]140.07 to 4 workers.

250. Welding Innovations Ltd, Tunbridge Wells TN17, failed to pay [pounds sterling]139.01 to 1 worker.

251. Lakeview Manor Ltd, East Devon EX14, failed to pay [pounds sterling]138.91 to 2 workers.

252. Broomstick Capital Limited, Islington N7, failed to pay [pounds sterling]135.75 to 1 worker.

253. TAAE Management Ltd trading as Bluebird Care Sunderland, Sunderland SR1, failed to pay [pounds sterling]131.42 to 1 worker.

254. Schoolhouse Daycare Limited trading as Swansea DVLA Schoolhouse Daycare, Swansea SA6, failed to pay [pounds sterling]125.37 to 1 worker.

255. Brittons Caterers Limited, Birmingham B6, failed to pay [pounds sterling]124.78 to 1 worker.

256. Akbar Balti (Manchester) Limited, Manchester M3, failed to pay [pounds sterling]123.90 to 1 worker.

257. Sprague & Ouseley Limited, Exeter EX2, failed to pay [pounds sterling]123.00 to 1 worker.

258. CGB Oldham Limited trading as Chadderton Bar & Grill, Oldham OL9, failed to pay [pounds sterling]111.76 to 1 worker.

259. Oxbridge Care Limited, Stockton-on-Tees TS18, failed to pay [pounds sterling]110.99 to 1 worker.

260. Six Five Zero Limited trading as Vivo Hotel Apartments, Bradford BD17, failed to pay [pounds sterling]104.40 to 1 worker.

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