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Courtney's streak continues.

In the Spring 2007 issue of the AMAA Journal, Running & FitNews Editor Jeff Venables reported on AMAA Board Member Mark Courtney's running streak in the "Member Profile." At that time, Courtney was approaching 10,000 consecutive days of running--he started his "streak" on December 19, 1979--and he hasn't stopped yet. He just passed the 30-year mark and on this year's Boston Marathon, it will be his 10, 7l6th day in a row as well as his 30th Boston Marathon in a row. His best time at Boston was 2:31:58 and he's averaged 2:45 for the first 29 races. He has 140 career marathons under his belt with five winning finishes.

Courtney's passion for running is also seen in the growth of his business Runners High which, like his running streak, started in 1979 Runners High provides timing services for over 300 events per year with the majority using ChampionChip timing technology. In 2008, they timed 323 races and over 150,000 runners. "On any given weekend, my crews and I will time eight or more races and do all the computer scoring, awards tabulation, Internet posting, etc.," says Courtney. It must make you wonder where he finds the time to still run every day and train to break three hours at Boston for 29 years!

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Date:Jan 1, 2009
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