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Court to decide on detention of Cobweb suspects.

The Criminal Council of the Basic Court Skopje 1 is expected to decide Friday whether to extend the detention of the 14 suspects in the case Cobweb, including A1 owner Velija Ramkovski, or allow them to stand trial on bail. Ramkovski and the rest were taken into custody almost a month ago on suspicion of criminal association, money laundering and tax evasion. Their 30-day detention expires this weekend. It is their attorney's turn now to seek either a bailout or replacement of their detention with house arrest, Dnevnik reports.

According to investigative judge Vladimir Tufegcik, the decision should be taken by the Criminal Council of the Court.

"The information that the detention expires this weekend has been provided to the Criminal Council of the Court. Only one defense attorney has so far filed a written request for cancelation of the custody," the investigative judge says.

Defense attorney Miroslav Vuik, who represents most of the defendants, had previously called for a bailout of his clients verbally.

According to Vuik, based on the evidence presented thus far, the testimonies of the witnesses, and the shown videos, it has not been proven that his clients committed the felonies they are accused of. "We said at the very beginning that we disagree with the detention measure as the last measure being applied in such a case," the attorney says.

The investigation into the case Cobweb is now going to continue with hearings of new witnesses of the prosecution. The hearings are scheduled for Friday (21 January) and 31 January.

In the meantime, the investigation into the disappearance of some 500 files related to the case of two weeks ago from one of Ramkovski's warehouses continues.

The Interior Ministry is also searching for Ramkovski's son, Hedi, the arrest warrant against whom was issued a month ago.
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Date:Jan 21, 2011
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