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Court rules on Anheuser's trans European ads.

A German court has ruled that A-B does not have to prevent ads from being broadcast in Germany.

The court dismissed charges of trademark infringement by the Czech brewer Budejovicky Budvar and protected A-B's right to promote Budweiser beer with advertising on world TV networks and through its site on the world-wide web.

"Advertising on pan-European channels like Eurosport, CNN and MTV is an excellent way to reach beer drinkers in the 14 European countries where we sell and advertise our Budweiser brand," chief executive of Anheuser-Busch Int'l Stephen Burrows said. "If there was a way to block the signal and keep our ads from occasionally spilling over into Germany, we would do so. This is a very important decision and it protects our right to market our Budweiser brand through pan-European television and the internet."

The court also noted that AnheuserBusch cannot effectively block German consumers from accessing the company's web-site.

In a separate case, Anheuser must still wait for a ruling from a German court of appeals before it can begin a full roll-out of its brands in Germany.

The producer of the German beer brand Bitburger or "Bit" opposed the registration of the brand names "Anheuser-Busch Bud" and "American Bud" in Germany, claiming they would amount to an infringement of its earlier trademark rights.
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Date:May 14, 2001
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