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Court for girls `wh tried to derail train'.

MINSK, Belarus: Prosecutors have opened a criminal case against three teenage girls who allegedly tried to derail a train in an attempt to loot passengers' luggage.

Police in the town of Molodechno, 42 miles northwest of Minsk, said they found the teenagers trying to attach metal plates to railway tracks.

The three girls, aged 13 and 14, had wanted to rob passengers of their wallets and suitcases after the train crashed.

Six die in drugs house

CAPE TOWN: Six people, including three girls, were shot dead when suspected Muslim vigilantes opened fire on the house of an alleged drug dealer in a Cape Town suburb at the weekend.

The six were killed at the house of a suspected drug dealer. A seventh person was in critical condition in hospital yesterday.

Police suspect the People Against Gangsterism and Drugs group was behind the attack.

Mayor to run for PM

TEL AVIV: Mayor of Tel Aviv, Mr Roni Milo, announced yesterday he would run for prime minister as the head of a new centrist party in Israeli elections scheduled for the year 2000.

Mr Milo, aged 49, is a seasoned politician and lawyer who has served in five parliaments as a member of Prime Minister Mr Benjamin Netanyahu's ruling Likud party.

Hunt for missing tourists

OSLO: Rescue aircraft and boats were searching for three German tourists yesterday after the men failed to return from a fishing trip in a small boat off western Norway.

Seven rescue boats, aircraft and volunteers in small boats yesterday searched a vast area of ocean off the island of Karmoey, about 185 miles west of Oslo.

The three men, aged 67, 43 and 30, had rented the boat for a fishing trip. Weather conditions in the area were good.

The boat was equipped with flotation devices to keep it from sinking even if it were damaged or capsized.

No flight of the bumble bee

TOKYO: A Japan Airlines flight had to be cancelled at the weekend after cabin attendants failed to remove an unwelcome guest - a huge bee that boarded ahead of passengers.

JAL's stewards saw the bee flying into the plane's cabin just before they finished preparing it for departure from New Chitose Airport in northern Japan to the central city of Nagoya.

An hour later the bee was captured after being sprayed with insecticide.

Terrorist bloodbath

ALGIERS: Algerian forces have killed 77 suspected Islamic terrorists, while 11 civilians had their throats slit.

In the past week, government forces have focused their efforts to wipe out the Islamic activists in a forest near the border with Morocco and in the mountains near Medea.

Algerian security forces attacked a group of Islamic militants in the Mizab forest near the border with Morocco, killing 35 government opponents.

In another government operation, security forces killed 42 members of an armed group in the Larbaa mountains near Medea, about 60 miles south of Algiers, at the weekend.

New chief for Pope's army

VATICAN CITY: After a long search, the Pope's army finally has a new commander.

John Paul II has promoted the second-in-command of the Swiss Guards, Alois Estermann, to the top spot.

Estermann, an 18-year veteran of the force, is one of the few non-nobleman to head the Swiss Guards. The post had been vacant since last October.

Flights strike-chaos

PARIS: Three pilots' unions plan a one-day strike against Air France tomorrowweds, which the airline said would affect some domestic and European flights.

The dispute is over salaries and schedules.

Rebels kill police officers

COLOMBO: Tamil Tiger rebels have killed ten Sri Lankan police officers and a government soldier during a raid near the eastern city of Trincomalee.

Defence Ministry spokesman Maj Kumara Dewage said a group of terrorists attacked and killed the policemen. Five others were injured.

ps Post Script

PARIS: The Natural Law Party offered its own solution yesterday to tension within the EU that led to the messy weekend deal on a European Central Bank - simply get 7,000 Yogic Flyers to meditate in Brussels.

The French branch of the party, which argues its meditating practices can further world harmony, proposed "a coherence group of 7,000 people practising Yogic Flying to give the euro the necessary stability".
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Date:May 5, 1998
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