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Court dodgers' festive fare.

Court dodgers' festive fare - The Christmas message from Cleveland Police to warrant dodgers might not bring festive cheer, but it could help haul in a few lawbreakers.

A massive 289 people in Stockton borough alone have outstanding warrants, served on them for not turning up for a court appearance. It's a problem which needs solving and the police threat of banging them up over Christmas might provide part of the answer.

Those who cock a snook at our legal system must not only be dealt with, they must be seen to be dealt with, if it is to have any credibility. By failing to attend court they cost police time and council taxpayers' money. Their actions, if allowed to drag on without swift response, set an example other offenders might follow, and they damage the public's faith in justice.

So the police's very public operation, in boosting the number of officers deployed to carry out checks and searches, is to be welcomed.

It might not send a merry Christmas message to those who are in danger of officers raiding their homes. But it's the right message for all law-abiding folk who yearn for the police and the court system to do their utmost to give us peace on earth.

Dubai dream

Teesside is a long way from Dubai. And the sheer scale and style of the place might make it seem years ahead of us in terms of its economic achievement and vision. But the ambition of the Middlesbrough delegation in venturing out there is a good starting point.

There is nothing wrong with looking, learning and daring to dream. And by meeting the top men in Dubai, who turned a vision into reality, the greater Tees Valley regeneration area can only benefit.
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Title Annotation:News Local
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Dec 12, 2003
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