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Court TV Documentary Examines the Case of Elaine Parent, an Expert Con-Artist and Highly Dangerous International Criminal.

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"The System": The Chameleon Premieres Thursday,

July 11, at 10 PM ET/PT

For 12 years, Elaine Antoinette Parent travelled the world on stolen identities, eluded authorities on two continents - and earned the nickname The Chameleon.

In a premiere episode of the network's award-winning documentary series, The System, Court TV examines the case of a cunning, ruthless and highly dangerous international criminal. This compelling documentary takes viewers inside the extraordinary criminal career of Elaine Parent. The System: The Chameleon premieres on Court TV on Thursday, July 11 at 10 PM ET/PT.

An expert con-artist and mistress of disguise with 20 known aliases, Elaine Parent was beautiful, clever - and deadly. The 12-year international search for her began in 1990 after the body of 34-year-old Beverly McGowan was found in a St. Lucie County, FL canal. Parent, who at that time was known only as "Alice", had befriended McGowan and stolen her identity. A few days after the body was found, "Alice" used McGowan's cancelled credit card to rent a car in London which alerted local police - and the investigation became an international manhunt.

For over a decade, United States and United Kingdom authorities worked together to track down the suspected killer. She was dubbed "America's Most Wanted Woman."

In this one-hour documentary, Court TV examines the baffling case of Elaine Parent, who travelled the world on stolen identities. The show highlights how she kept one step ahead of law enforcement authorities, and features interviews with the dedicated local, national and international investigators who spent years on Parent's trail. With the assistance of a renowned psychological profiler Court TV also gets inside the mind of this complex criminal. Several women who were befriended by Parent and then had their identities stolen by her describe the Elaine Parent they knew.

The Chameleon takes viewers along as investigators piece together clues that lead them to Parent's apartment in Florida, only to find that she has cheated them once again by committing suicide.

Court TV's The System sheds light on the complex nature of justice how it is thwarted and why it is achieved. The System has assembled a team of award-winning producers to present compelling, true stories about crime, criminals and law enforcement.

The Chameleon was produced by World of Wonder and Interesting Films for Court TV. Executive producers Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato for World of Wonder and Producer/Writer Tim Tate for Interesting Films. Bonnie Dry is the Executive Producer for Court TV. Ed Hersh is Senior Vice President, Documentaries and Specials for Court TV.

Court TV ( or AOL Keyword: Court TV), a basic cable network, provides a window on the American system of justice through distinctive programming that both informs and entertains. As the destination for programming that focuses on the investigative process, Court TV broadcasts trials by day and such brand defining original programs as Forensic Files and popular off-network series as NYPD Blue in the evening. Court TV is 50% owned by AOL Time Warner, and 50% owned by Liberty Media Corp. The network has over 72 million subscribers.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 27, 2002
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