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Court Sentences 5 Defendants to Life.

Manama, Oct, 7 (BNA) -- Fahad Al Bouainain, Head of Public Prosecution stated that the Third High Criminal Court has ruled in the case known as "The Salmabad Bomb Making Factory and Warehouse", sentencing five of the defendants to life, and four others to eight years in prison, and fined them One Hundred Thousand Dinars.

Public Prosecution had previously stated that nine defendants, four of whom are remanded in custody, were ordered to stand trial by the criminal court on charges of joining a group intending to undermine public order and jeopardize the safety and security of the Kingdom by acts of terrorism, training on production of bombs, production and possession of explosives to be used to breach public security, carry out terrorist acts, detonate explosives to spread terror, and collect funds to finance the group.

Public Prosecution began its investigations of the charges, and found that the accused and others have converted the warehouse into an explosive factory producing bombs to be used in carrying out their plots against security officers, civilians and property with the intent of undermining the country's stability and economy. Investigations revealed that they have taken two other hideouts located at Tashan and li to store tools and materials used in the production activities and to hold their group meetings. The two hideouts, as well as the homes of the accused, were searched based on search warrants issued by Public Prosecution. The search led to confiscation of a number of explosive devices ready for use, equipment and materials used in bomb making, detonators, as well as records and manuals containing bomb-making instructions. Expert reports concluded that the confiscated devices are explosives containing a mixture of nitroglycerin and nitrocellulose, a high explosive mixture classified a type of dynamite, and capable of destroying property and lives, which can be made using materials confiscated from the warehouse. These chemicals are used in some types of high explosives, such as dynamite, TNT and other types of high explosives. A digital memory card found in the possession of the accused contained video clips and lessons on bomb making, production of explosive materials, manufacturing of Al Qassam rockets and anti-tank charges, as well as instructions on handling materials used in their production. Testing of DNA and fingerprints lifted from the group's hideouts matched those of a number of the accused.

Al Bouainain also stated that "some of the accused were responsible for the explosions which occurred near the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Center on 22nd November 2011, as they planted two of the explosive devices they produced near the Center and remotely detonated them using a mobile telephone and a wireless bell, with the intention of sabotaging an event that was being held at the Exhibition Center at that time. The explosions resulted in damage to a number of vehicles parked in the area, as well as damage to a nearby home."

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Publication:Bahrain News Agency
Date:Oct 7, 2013
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