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Course explores coating additives.

The Center for Professional Advancement will present a course on "Additives for the coatings industry," February 28 through March 2 at the Hyatt Recency in New Brunswick, NJ.

This course will provide a state-of-the-art description of the structure, role and deployment of additives in coating formulations and coating applications. The content of the course has been structured in such a way that for each class of additives, first the relevant scientific principles will be discussed, and subsequently the functioning of these additives in coatings systems.

In addition, the course will pay due attention to environmental trends and associated (emerging) legislation, such as the desire to reduce the emission of organic solvents. In this context, the course will provide an update on technologies that have been developed to cope with the ever increasing demands that are being place on coating formulations, and thus on additives. Next to the common approaches to reduce VOCs with high solids or aqueous coating systems, the course will also cover additives for UV curing formulations.

This course is designed to train anyone who is involved with the development and technical marketing of coating formulations, and covers the full spectrum of disciplines ranging from fundamental organic and physical chemistry to more applied science and practical knowledge. It is primarily intended for people employed in research and development, for product and application development scientists and formulators, and for technical service specialists.

Day one of the course will include the following sessions: Fundamental principles of wetting; Surface control agents: Foam control agents; and Rheology modifiers.

Day two of the course will include sessions on Pigment dispersants and wetting agents; Coloristic properties; Surface modifiers: and an educational evening session that includes testing.

Day three of the course will include sessions on Catalytic ingredients; and Miscellaneous additives.

The course director is Arend Noordam of EFKA Additives B.V. in The Netherlands. Additional faculty will include Clemens Auschra, Ciba Specialty Chemicals; Johan Bieleman, Elementis Specialties; Manfred Joma, EFKA Additives BV; Frank Pirrung, EFKA Additives B.V.; Kevin Quinn, Lubrizol Specialty Additives: Robin Reinhardt, EFKA Additives B.V.; and Eugene Sitzmann, Ciba Specialty Chemicals.

Registration costs for attending the "Additives for the coatings industry" course range from $1,465 to $1,710. Further information is available from the Center for Professional Advancement (732) 613-4500.
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Date:Dec 1, 2004
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