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Coupling agents.

Literature has been published describing the company's coupling agents and filler dispersing aids. Product information for the recently introduced Z-6173 filler dispersion aid is now available. This multifunctional siloxane product is said to improve filler dispersion and compatibility between materials, as well as to provide application-specific benefits. Information about the product's properties, ease of use, low VOC content and processing options is included in the literature. New literature for the company's filler and surface treatment products includes product descriptions and applications. Information about mineral and filler treatment, benefits of silane treatment, effectiveness of using silane treatment and applications of silanes to fillers is also included. Products listed are available globally. Said to be a pioneer of organosilane technology, the company offers a full range of silane products, formulations and application solutions, rededicated global reach, reliable supply and more, according to the literature.

Dow Corning
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Title Annotation:Literature: Materials
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Sep 22, 2007
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