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 County of innumerable nowheres, hall its dogs underfed and of
indeterminate breed. County of the deep fryer, staples in glass against
mice, county of horned gods and billed hats. Sweat county, shiver
county. County of the hallowed outhouse upholstered in wooly carpet,
sack of lime county, time out of time county, country music county.
 County of insufficient snowplows, county of the blasted doe all winter
in a drift, dust sift county, feather duster county, county of the quo
all status is attached to. County of batches and bitchdogs howling.
County of rowels and boots, of soot wash, county of the chimney
sweep's red beard, of the songless radio preaching to no one in the
County of the deadly road, of the shoat pig cooked in a pit. County of
molasses and hobo coffee, sugarless soft-drink county, county of the
methamphetamine picture window, county of the padlock and massive hasp.
County of tools and dewormers. Curry comb and salt block, black pepper
gravy, red-eye venison, blood sausage, county of Bud Light girl posters.
Treblehook county, chum county, bear bait and dead wolf county. County
of the coyote pelt nailed to the barn door. Bruised woman county, county
of the men missing one or more fingers, single-finger wave county.
Pistol alongside the cash register county. Pitch-dense firewood county,
county of the fearful and fearless, county of the distant mysterious
Target-poor county, distant Walmart holyland county, county of the
malodorous pulp mill, paper plate county. County of the hundred-yard
drive to the post office, oddly familiar faces among the wanted posters
county, four-hour drive from the county seat county, unadopted highway
county, county of no return. County of the August always somewhere
Beercan bejeweled barrow pit county, hardly one bullet-unpunctuated road
sign county. County of the ATV and ancient Indian trail into the high
mountains. Get your bull or buck county. On-the-way-to-somewhere-else
county, doe-see-doe county, hundred frozen casseroles after the funeral
county, go to heaven county,
blister and blister rust county, Jahweh trailerhouse county, unassisted
living county, county of the Gospels, county of the Penthouse
 under the bed. County of tenderness and terror. County of almost
universal skepticism, Jesus country county. County of the cell tower
stipend, everywhere and nowhere county, boneyard county, county
a day's drive from the end of the open road. Softshell Baptist
county. Pentecostal pancake county. County of illusions, county of hard
facts. Rock and broken shock county, rock and roll aught-six save your
shell casing county. County of not quite beautiful vistas, county of the
for sale sign, county of timothy and brome, spring and autumn slaughter
county, meat county, home. 
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Author:Wrigley, Robert
Publication:Northwest Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Nov 1, 2009
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