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Countryside ravaged by meddling mankind.

YEARS ago gangs of men, seen carrying arms, roamed the woods after wood pigeons, to exterminate them.

Moles, foxes, crows, etc. were regarded as pests and the hedgerows were purged of the so-called weed carriers by using chemicals, ridding the land of wild flowers and insects. Where have the hedgerows and trees gone, the homes of birds and underground creatures that depend on them? Where have all the flowers gone? Where have all the butterflies gone? What we have is oceans of green grass and more grass means more sheep.

Do we have farmers or shepherds? Modern tractors have culled the shelter and home of wild animals. Where now can they go? After all the past TB badger culls the cattle are still being affected by TB. Why put the blame on them? People have mixed ideas on what to do next, and we find humans suffering with TB as well, so why not cull humans too? The greatest disaster that befell the land was myxomatosis, the cruellest cull of all. It not only savaged the rabbits but people's lives as well, as rabbits were local currency. Wildlife, too, that depended on the rabbits for food, perished.

Idris Mathias Ceredigion

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jun 9, 2018
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