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Articles from Countryside & Small Stock Journal (July 1, 2012)

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"Garden boxes" ensure there are greens for the farmer, too. Sperry, Sarolta 412
"Water rings" make watering a snap. Neal, Philip 107
A money-making idea. Rhiner, Mary Brief article 209
A picture really is worth a thousand words ... 216
A rich life for le$$. Crawford, Aaron 1048
Adverse possession from two attorneys' positions. Mackin, Mark; Carignan, Lorne Letter to the editor 1221
Advice for novice crafters. Cook, Jerri 825
All in the family. Parson, Andrea 191
Any cure for greasy beef? Shaw, Emilia A. Letter to the editor 387
Apple frass. Conwill, Joseph D. Letter to the editor 236
Balanced and prepared. Whitney, Helen Letter to the editor 404
Brownies healthier than peaches! (The government says so.). McKay, Carol 474
Camping during the week; home on weekends. Gayle, G. Letter to the editor 653
Changing your perspective can change your life. Jean, Nelva 1155
Chicken feed and pig slope. 398
Chickens, in my experience. Roberts, D. 507
Coming events. Calendar 536
Comment on "The Potato Patch". Mackin, Mark Letter to the editor 413
Cordwood for privacy fence. Wright, Frank Lloyd Letter to the editor 374
Did you know ... 126
Does anyone process their own soybean oil? Wisconsin, Tom Letter to the editor 401
Feedback on saving corn seed. Zimmerman, Kenn Letter to the editor 356
Finnsheep: ideal for the small farm. Hatton, Fred; Hatton, Grace 1155
Friends are worth treasuring (even if you get each other in a spot of trouble on occasion). Grisaitis, Sue 1078
Frozen yogurt treats. Toth, Mary Jane Recipe 282
Grey water for the garden. Schmeis, Walter Letter to the editor 150
Ground squirrel eliminator. Hoard, Jeff 512
Grow organic garlic. Miller, Joni; Miller, Ruth 1760
Healthier alternatives to margarine and shortening: (orange goo convinced them). Pomeroy, Liz 1750
Hearty Minnesota fare. Groenhoff, Clara Recipe 1212
Home country humor. Randles, Slim Short story 1609
Home water conservation. Stone, Anita B. 1405
How to make a hand pump. 416
I can read the writing on the wall. Sims, George 1017
Increase your pantry space (without touching any drywall). Frank, D.B. 643
Keep your cool without AC. Mumma, Beverly Letter to the editor 347
Know when to hold, when to run: tips on how to avoid getting hurt when handling cattle. Thomas, Heather Smith 1403
Kwell lotion is best left alone. Segar, Tom; Melanie Letter to the editor 209
Life is good at home in Oregon. Woitte, Dennis Brief article 341
Low-sweetener jam- and jelly-making. Sumberg, Mary Lou 871
Make your own bonemeal. Medalen, Chris 615
My guardian donkey, burden of beasts. Dick, Sue 2295
My homesteading blunders. Silvis, Pam 2110
Occasional lack of roots is perplexing to Master Gardener. Rudowski, Richard M. "Rudy" Letter to the editor 332
Poor Will's countryside Almanack ~ for ~ middle & late summer 2012. Felker, W.L. 4856
Preserving memory. Buterbaugh, Shanda 810
Propylene glycol vs. ethylene glycol. Troth, Millie Letter to the editor 485
Putting water to work a K.I.S.S. approach to water power. Scharabok, Ken 248
Raising commercial bull frogs. 667
Retirement on the homestead. Denny, Julie 1823
Saffron: the most precious spice in the world. Salloum, Habeeb Recipe 2422
Self-watering systems for chickens. Ott, Ross 425
The value of chain link fence. Harley, Edd 547
There's no such thing as free energy: and it has little to do with the sun. Goss, Jeffery, Jr. 2391
This homestead is a (large) family affair. Morgan, Lowell 1013
Using grey water in the qarden. Belanger, J.D. Reprint 1002
Waiting to invest in solar PV system. G., Nino Letter to the editor 659
Water tips for use & conservation. Denny, Julie 1135
West Coast Dowsing conference. Lahmeyer, Dan Conference news 133
When technology and tradition collide. Cook, Jerri Book review 1935
You're never too old to dream ... Goodman, Violet Letter to the editor 284

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