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Articles from Countryside & Small Stock Journal (September 1, 2009)

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Title Author Type Words
"Recycling" food options. Schmelser, Dorothy Brief article 248
23 years of preparing and still learning. Schot, Theresa Letter to the editor 295
A closer look at your binoculars. Beachy, Edward 752
A little green amongst the browns. Heim, Jane Archer Viewpoint essay 2285
Benedictine journey: part II. Sims, George Travel narrative 2311
Bony lump jaw in cattle. Thomas, Heather Smith 766
Capitalism has its ups and downs. Paula Letter to the editor 453
Chuck wagons: past & present. Sieving, Shirley Recipe 1292
Comments on "hard times". Hardwick, Lea Letter to the editor 218
Countryside's breeders' directory. Directory 1838
Crabapples: more than just jelly! Garcia, Lisa 1377
Do milking and calving schedules matter? Cindy 745
Fake 'em out! Deer don't mess with this twine fence. Carlson, Lowell 708
Funny, how things work out. Braithwaite, April Letter to the editor 296
Going solar in a small way: how a pint-sized inverter is changing the way people think about solar. Ewing, Rex A. 1407
Hanging solar mood lights: here's a nifty way to add a little drama to your yard ... Vanaman, Eric 622
Homesteader in the past: longing for the "good old days". Kaskinen, Barbara Viewpoint essay 827
Homesteading: no excuses: a follow-up. Juricich, Jean Letter to the editor 575
How the recycle ranch came about. Evers, Dennis 484
How to properly scald a chicken: (my never-fail technique). Kimball, Herrick Viewpoint essay 956
Kraut korrection. Pahs, Dennis 532
Land loan came with stipulations in 1948. Kilsrom, Angie M. Letter to the editor 522
Landlord helped her dreams come true. McCarthy, Susan B. Viewpoint essay 642
Lean back and enjoy! Comfortable bicycling. Kalmer, Doug 523
Looking for a mentor. Gay, Fran Letter to the editor 151
Make your list of questions before looking for property. 874
Making the grade: have you ever wondered how they come up with those grading scales you see on egg cartons? It's not just about weight. Bird, Leta 3396
Meanwhile she doesn't always trust "experts". Krueger, Cecilia Letter to the editor 161
Milking machine: make your own goat (or cow). Hoard, Jeff; Hoard, Karen Personal account 4375
Off the grid alpaca farm. Frigault, John; Frigault, Kim Cover story 1285
Organic repellants for fire ants. Lovette; Lamberty, Lois; Lamberty, Roman; Weatherford, Roy Luman 671
Out to pasture: you can rotate pastures as often as you want, but if those pastures don't supply the proper nutrients, you're up a creek. Cook, Jerri 2092
Perennials in the garden save time and money. Hawk Letter to the editor 264
Picking for perfection: deadheading increases production and improves the picture. Brandies, Monica 1129
Poor Will's countryside: Almanack for early and middle autumn of 2009. Felker, W.L. Calendar 4269
Portable rabbit hutch: it came in handy when forest fires threatened. Kathy Brief article 175
Putting "North vs. South" debate to rest. 926
Searching for a caretaking position: what do we need to know? Sasha; Veronika Letter to the editor 536
Seed-saving ideas wanted. Hughes, M. Letter to the editor 281
Shagbark hickory: neglected nut of the central woodlands. Goss, Jeffery, Jr. 1224
She longs for the return of cloth flour sacks. Blair, Rosalie 428
She wants more expert info ... Casey Letter to the editor 782
Solar cooking. Kalmer, Doug 368
Start spring in the fall. Robinshaw, Sue 2394
Stop playing the blame game. Cooper, Jill 1062
Suggestions for guard animals. Drury, Pat Brief article 330
Thank the bees for honey: germ killer, sweetener, aphrodisiac. Salloum, Habeeb 2135
The "joys" of small-town living: take what you hear with a grain of salt. Letter to the editor 136
Time for a crafty harvest. Reynolds, Gail 3298
Timely tips to help save money. Cook, Priscilla 399
Tomato preserves and other homestead tips. Kohler, Nora 799
Unusual hen house kidnapping. Lynch, Elizabeth Ann Brief article 103
Warm up with horseradish this winter. Pilch, Ellen J. 697
You can take it with you. A low-buck DIY portable fire pit. Evers, Dennis 646
Zones matter. Dermody, Dick Letter to the editor 98

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