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Articles from Countryside & Small Stock Journal (November 1, 2007)

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"Nature's fridge" doesn't work for everything. Goss, Jeffery, Jr. 551
"Odorless" hogs available? Kehm, George 172
A fluke revolutionized milking time: it's a "miracle cream". Hinrichs, Jane 760
Alone in Canadian: wilderness--at 116 years old. Vankoughnet, Danny 546
And speaking of animal rescues ... Day, Jennifer 99
Ants don't open peonies. Blank, F. 228
Battery options for your off-grid home. Ewing, Rex A. 1650
Bee deaths aren't caused by cell phones. Forsyth, Cynthia; Hayes, Jerry 272
Better building ideas. Pollard, Fred 428
Build a goat shed or chicken coop: for the cost of nails! Set, Taylor Wind 1150
Burghul--the noblest food achieved by wheat. Salloum, Habeeb 2143
Can you help these folks? Alexa; Hanson, Vern 156
Carbon and global warming thoughts. Strong, Paul 505
Cat neuturing, continued. Reiss, Sara; Sandry, Adele 1215
Chickens go urban. Stone, Anita B. 1401
Chickens prefer open pollinated corn, too. Mimranek, Jim 132
Choosing a firearm for the homestead: the .22 rifle is tops. Cournoyer, Dave 1716
Conservation better than credits. Bakehouse, Jon 286
Countryside's: Breeders' directory. Directory 1565
Draft horses: as useful today as ever. Wolfe, Kay 1649
Family album. Gates, Norma 105
Global warming hits home? Seigreid, Lynn 119
Heat and eat! Get double-duty from your woodstove. Reynolds, Gail 4282
Hillbilly deluxe solar trailer. Barnes, Keith 382
Homemade Bluegrass music: teach yourself to play an instrument & start a local jam! Woginrich, Jenna 1824
Homemade rabbit trap plan. Alexa 319
How I built my own grow light stand for less than $20. Ostrowski, Cathy 533
How to make lye. Brand, Barbara 723
Incubating in a food dehydrator: it worked, once. Weyant, Lynda 414
Introduction to the Treeing Feist: a squirrel dog breed history. Gray, Marcus B. 1140
Irrigation ideas needed for U-pick garden. Lemm, Teri 166
Keep pests out of your coop with "rotating" buckets. Redwine, William 84
Last month we asked: what would you do differently on your homestead? 8151
Make a Native American Love Flute out of a dipper gourd. Bear, Leo White 4302
Miniature Jerseys: it was love at first sight. Cupp, Tammy 1145
Mothballs eliminated snakes. Barbara 181
NAIS concept is good, however ... Bright, John 1251
Poor Will's Countryside Almanack for late autumn and early winter 2007. Felker, W.L. 4796
Protect your investment: build an inexpensive hay shed. Thomas, Heather Smith 1219
Raising healthy calves. Hibma, John 1910
Recycling cooking oil and food. Nevada, Carrie 658
Selecting hay for cattle. Thomas, Heather Smith 3371
She was poor--now she's rich. Mimranek, Judy 1135
Some random thoughts by an old wood carver. Gillund, Mel 755
Starting from scratch: no water, no camper--nothing. Perez, Becky 392
The Seppala Siberian Sled Dog. Thyr, Josi 519
Try kohlrabi for a unique treat. Farris, Nancy Pierson 686
Turtle meat is great--with the right preparation. Garner, Alfred; Reusser, Judy 158
We're attached to our greenhouse. Hartford, Mary 1893
Why the bees are dying: a report from Earth Vision The EV project--taking nature to a new level. Graf, Josef 1428
Your first year with bees: now is the time to reflect and plan for next year. Hayes, Jerry 2278
Your time is worth something: pricing your products in a home craft business. Lewis, Patrice 2270

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