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Articles from Countryside & Small Stock Journal (July 1, 2007)

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... Or beefalo. 285
A fix for rough hands. Park, Deborah 370
Aerate your pond for better water quality. Robinson, Bob 1267
An easier liqueur recipe. Wright, Micki 328
An endangered species: middle class America. Weathers, Virginia 1681
Bee diseases disappoint raiser. James, John; Hayes, Jerry 460
Bring on the mothballs. Eldred, Mike; Eldred, Mary 276
Cabbage: one of the most nutritious vegetables. Salloum, Habeeb Recipe 1910
Carving a simple wood "spirit". Gillund, Mel; Gillund, Marlys 762
Cattle & the environment. Nielsen, Andrew 2299
Cleaning cast iron tip, and a greenhouse dilemma. Isaacson, Karen 392
Cleaning naturally: just the basics, please. Baty, Dorice 560
Coffee substitute from trees. Perry, Michael 437
Coming events. Calendar 621
Construct a thermostatically controlled poultry scalding tank for under $65! Quaak, Douglas; Quaak, Mary 1157
Deterring Lepus californicus in high desert gardens. Orent, Cliff 1242
Don't forage for parsnips blindly. Cramer, Jennifer 229
Don't let frugality become an obsession. Christy 182
Don't quit your day job: at least not yet. Lewis, Patrice 2527
Easy noodle recipe. Plante, John V. Recipe 216
Easy ways to make fixing meals at home doable. Cooper, Jill 864
For the love of Mike. Garrett, Elaine K. 809
Homestead help needed in Wisconsin. Barb 719
Homesteading in the big city. Smith, James V. 565
Horses I have known: there's a breed out there for everyone. Brunelle, Sally 1325
Information websites for pet food purchasers. 198
Keep snakes out of the hen house. Milbank, Michelle 315
Keep your bees healthy. Hayes, Jerry 4047
Killing nematodes naturally. Burns, Johnny Papaya 2126
Kitties on patrol. Thompson, Regina 157
Last month we asked you to show us your garden! Here's a peek at what other homesteaders are doing. 4062
Livestock barn must serve dual purpose. Kulevich, T. 341
Living with a cistern. D., Mary 305
Malpresentations & manipulations. Thomas, Heather Smith 2468
Manual pump allows for dependable water supply from your well. Lawson, Judy 540
Miscellaneous homestead tips. Smallwood, Jennifer 480
Neighbors confuse free-range with open-range. Kepple, Rick 476
No cat neutering on this homestead. Milbank, Michelle 1031
Of solar cells and calories, and elephants aplenty. Ewing, Rex 1614
Poor Will's Countryside almanack for middle & late summer 2007. 4671
Precious moments. Brown, Betty; Brown, Rick 92
Rabbit breed profile: Jersey Wooly. Martin, Paul 186
Rearrange your chicken yard for fresh grazing. Bloschies, Cindy 1243
Renting out your quadriped weed wackers. Miller, Debbie; Miller, Chris 660
Research is key to finding the perfect horse. 735
Serving a variety of foods without killing the cook: menu ideas for serving homestead visitors. Lencoski, Donna Reprint 1301
Shipping crates are great source of free wood. Pugh, Jeff 175
Solar chicken coops have been around a long time: and the chickens love 'em. Schmeck, Steve Reprint 1117
Sprouts are good for man and beast. Jacobsen, Arthur; Jacobsen, Mildred 463
Swisher rake reviews wanted. Paul 168
Tarentaise cattle aren't plentiful, but they're hardy. Reiley, Shana 355
The importance of biodiversity in livestock production. Nielsen, Andrew 1355
The joys and challenges of growing herbs. Reynolds, Gail 2531
The large black hog: a rare heritage grazing pig. Wolfe, Kay 1038
The power of flowers. Bolliger, Susan 676
The secret of peeling eggs. Kathy 107
The stimga of "dollar stores". Telmeatus, Yarn 538
The wonders of amaranth. Sieving, Shirley 505
This shelter is tops. Marquardt, Marcie 220
To water or not to water: spring meadow methods. Miller, Crow; Miller, Elizabeth 560
Toad stranglers, chicken wranglers, global warming and forgiveness farming: on the loose at the 15th Annual Wisconsin Grazing Conference Part II. Cook, Jerri 1834
Touring the U.S.--on horseback. 90
What if your soil won't release nutrients? "Gimme that hydrogen!". Farris, Nancy P. 1118
What's cooking? Sulek, Robert 1730
Which breed lays double yolks? 152
Why organic growers disapprove of chemical fertilizers. Miller, Crow; Miller, Elizabeth 957
Your magazine stinks. 140
Zone 4 fruit tree recommendations wanted. Connie 382

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