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Articles from Countryside & Small Stock Journal (July 1, 2006)

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"Tightwad" grandma happy to embrace self-sufficiency: and wishes today's youth would, too. Myers, Delores 605
A back-up water supply. Browne, David 814
A boy becomes a man--with a mule's help. Sarley, Warren 1652
A po' boy's hydraulic bench press. Colorado, Paul Xavier 1936
And electricity may not be the way to go, either. Bushley, Jon B. Letter to the editor 181
Are conservation & communities history? Gaebelein, Phyllis 506
Authentic tomato salsa. Wickes, Jennifer A. 977
Avian flu has been around for decades. Witt, Gloria Letter to the editor 574
Bring back the farmcollie. Hischke, Erin 399
Busy, but not fast-paced lifestyle. Shetler, M. Letter to the editor 934
California dream. Hart, Kathy; Hart, Codie 928
Catnip (Nepeta cataria): the plant that cats go crazy for has uses for humans as well. Vought, Eric 550
Coming events. Calendar 598
Cordwood efficiency debate continues. Kalmer, Doug Letter to the editor 816
Corporate America versus the dairyman. Herr, Brian 594
Countryside get-together in Indiana. Letter to the editor 190
Creative livestock housing--an unused silo cap. Kreuziger, Ray 639
Don't use ammonia to deter bears ... McNeill, Lisa Letter to the editor 253
Feds eyeing your flocks & fields! Government control now under way for all agriculture. Griffith, Nathan 2318
Flea remedies for your dog. 634
For this family, less is more, on their homestead. Park, Duane 964
From the editor: NAIS, water, and other homestead subjects. Belanger Ida, Anna-marie Editorial 372
Growing Oriental eggplant. Miller, Crow 1071
History of mules: we don't hear much about mules these days. Here two homesteaders with experience pay tribute to the wonderful (and sometimes maddening) properties of this forgotten draft animal. Van Koughnet, Danny 1585
Homemade deodorant and tee shirt uses. Millie Letter to the editor 551
Homestead water procurement: water is a vital element for any homestead. This well bucket can be a god-send if the power goes out. Sulek, Robert 2231
Homesteading "alone" has perks. Priscilla Letter to the editor 755
Homesteading terms. Belsha, Walter 584
Homesteading with kids and other challenging household members. Reynolds, Gail 3376
How to escape from the city tips on relocating. Burke, Ruth 728
How to write congressmen. Griffith, Nathan 526
Internet--friend or foe? Perron, Bruce C.; Debbie Letter to the editor 803
Is is possible to "rejuvenate" kerosene? Letter to the editor 207
Keeping electricity in its place. Ewing, Rex A. 1304
Lighten those bread "bricks". Komondy, Sharon Letter to the editor 93
Make an inexpensive poultry feeder. Kreuziger, Ray 251
Make your own liqueurs at home. Tabor, Thomas C. 1670
Mussings on NAIS, micro-chips, and land patents. Doffin, Tami; Anderson, David Letter to the editor 931
Outlawed for "too few" pigs: a true account. Griffith, Nathan 507
Part I: sensible business practices for the self-employed: if your home craft business fails ... blame the boss. Lewis, Patrice 2270
Passalong garden memories: a great way share with friends. Spence, Carol L. 410
Perfect for the solar oven ... One-pot meals from the garden. Barker, Jennifer Stein 1413
Poor Will's Almanack for middle and late summer 2006. 4111
Pumpkin and peach recipes. Weiss, Cinda 248
Rainbow Cornish are awesome. Carlson, Laura Letter to the editor 239
Raising your own backyard pig: history of pig keeping. Wolfe, Kay 2015
Reader offers rabbit recipes. Lamon, Ann L. 203
Reader provides plenty of food for thought. Kerra Letter to the editor 2471
Readers don't agree with NAIS. Schreiner, Dave; Pool, Corrina Letter to the editor 779
Real estate agent expands on advice. Veltrop, Larry Letter to the editor 308
Salsa and zucchini. Christianson, Rita R. 243
Sample letters and phone calls. 588
Self-sufficient for how long? One family shares their list of emergency preparations. Leete, Daniel C. 1036
Stevia: a natural sweetener. Riley, Perry; Haute, Terre Letter to the editor 383
Technology on the homestead. 170
Texas Terriers: a small working dog. Guthrie, Richard 303
That's a lot of shells! Kern, Rose Letter to the editor 88
The homestead milk supply safe or unsafe? 2046
The Manytracks solar oven. Robishaw, Sue 3669
The recovery Of Little Duck. Kiers, Molly 678
The rewards of going to the shoe shop. Shaw, James E. 599
There is hope for animal allergy sufferers. Personette, Melissa Letter to the editor 230
Tips for growing tomatoes on a patio. Jacoby, Daniel Shackman 336
Tomato and pumpkin recipes are always favorites. Goodwin, Sandra 444
Trapping: it ain't necessarily so. Pankratz, Bruce 1758
Urban childhood during the Depression. Pesha, Ronald 1265
Word-of-mouth found their cistern builder. Tucker, Clara Letter to the editor 283
Working wood safely. Gillund, Mel 1072

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