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Articles from Countryside & Small Stock Journal (September 1, 2005)

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A complimentary pair of hobbies. Korvola, Leslye A. 1292
A homestead on Caney Creek. Novosad, Jerry B. 2362
A reader shares canning tips: not all were learned the hard way. Olson, Cheryl 1035
An authentic guacamole recipe. Brucker, Marilyn 99
Another use for flax. Hall, Frances G. 161
Are soy and health problems related? Partida, Patricia 641
Beware of outdated canning methods. Clements, Marian 283
Botanical Latin for the plebeian reader. Goss, Jeffery 2067
Build a PTO power sprayer. Entwisle, Mark 1305
Building a water hole: it saves money on the water bill and rainwater is good for your garden. Donze, Bill 429
Cold weather passive assist refrigeration. Schlussler, Larry Reprint 386
Coming events. Calendar 1075
Communities will welcome newcomers. Lathrop, Melissa; Hecksel, Joe 956
Composting with pallets. Kreuziger, Ray 742
Cooking on fire pit satisfies camping urge. Fralix, Teresa 470
Daily rounds: sometimes life can throw you a curve ball. Here's one homesteader who hasn't let health get in the way of her dreams ... Mathews, Lisa Jansen 829
Delicious meals from dehydrated foods. Erdosh, George 1517
Diet change may increase energy. Hinshaw, Kathy 563
Dietary changes puts cancer in remission. Jones, Ina 300
Don't confuse health care with insurance. R, Joanne 312
Don't lose your tomatoes! Jones, Ina 138
Economic quilting tips. Weaver, Gretchen 275
Eliminate bats from your attic with moth balls. Burie, Gordon 349
Enjoys "looking back". Caudle, Dennis 170
Family matters may cause friction in land deal. Linder, Jim 1423
Fashionable hats on a budget. Wright, Micki 313
Favorite canning recipes. S, Tracy 5661
Finding and saving domestic and wild poultry populations. Trost, Jeremy 346
Free-range your birds in this chicken tractor. Kreuziger, Ray 661
Frugal tips; "hippy" magazine? Erickson, Craig 541
Goat meat sausage making. Katz, Pat 1210
Goat-raising tips for all stages of experience. Kimble, Michael; Kimble, Belva; Kimble, Micalah 2231
Goats and sustainable farming give this homesteader purpose. Carless, Monika 1797
Grow your own sweet potatoes. Robertson, W. Wayne 737
Growing up in the depression: the story continues. Osborn, Irene 1483
Health insurance alternatives. Mayer, Alouette; Miller, Lee 619
Heirloom apple tree source. Gibson, Barb 160
Homestead help wanted. Rutledge, Sue 81
Homesteading community forming in Missouri. Petty, Jim 888
Horseradish: it's great with almost everything! Robishaw, Sue 2572
How do you start raising wild hogs? Pimentel, Marcia 516
How much wind would you like with your sunshine? Ewing, Rex A. 1458
How one woman's hobby became her life's work. Orrell, Bethe 931
Important safety issues. 273
It wasn't in the book. Voit, Lorna 780
It's "cheaper" to buy "good" machinery. Urciuoli, Connie 119
Life in the country isn't glamorous. Baker, Ginnie 477
Machine guns are outlawed. Larson, Wade 357
Make "mother" of vinegar. Blakenship, Anna 399
Marinated cheese. McMaken, B. 226
Mite cure for chickens. Atton, Allan; Atton, Yolanda 209
Mosquitoes arrive in swarms. Newton, Cathy 305
Once-a-year U-pick pumpkin and autumn ornamental patch: a successful spare-time venture. Adams, Barbara Berst 1209
Poor Will's Almanac for Autumn of 2005. 4419
Preschool project turns into chicken raising project for this family. Linowes, Jonathan 336
Preserving your harvest with turn-of-the-century methods. Reynolds, Gail 2165
Raising turkeys on the homestead. Butterfield, Curt 1462
Reader needs tips on water wheel power. Kennedy, Thomas 479
Readers send bug-catching tips. Wall, Judy; Plante, John 338
Red rain: read the instructions that came with your pressure cooker, or beware the ominous. Cook, Jerri 1172
Save seeds and eat flax. Hays, Rosie 572
Saving vegetable seeds. C, Suzanne 1104
Solar with an attitude. Blumthal, Dane; Blumthal, Raye 1187
Some good medicinal herb books. Willard, Seth 150
Sometimes even the best fencing is no match for frightened animals. Fitzpatrick, Connie 1059
Taking care of your game meat. Tabor, Tom 2029
Tale of a "new" washing machine. Kirby, Shellie Renee 674
The potato patch. Merrick, Joan 438
The Wal-Mart debate rages on. Caudle, Dennis; Robeson, Teresa; Renfroe, Sara Jo; Schreiner, David 1595
Thoughts on living abroad. Rice, Martin 784
Tramp art makes a comeback with carvers. Gillund, Mel 1591
Unfortunately, it's all but impossible to insulate a refrigerator: but there are energy-saving alternatives. Lassiter, David 563
Vampire rooster? Gathercoal, Allan 508
Why doesn't his bread rise? Lakeman 96
Woodstoves will work fine in mobile homes. Sixes, W.G. 331
Working your bees: "Bee Tai Chi" is useful. Isaacson, Karen 818

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