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Articles from Countryside & Small Stock Journal (March 1, 2005)

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"Buyer beware" in real estate. Letter to the Editor 856
33 tips from the Ericksons. Erickson, Carolyn 714
A cabin story. Nystrom, Robert J. 2142
After suffering a stroke, she has tips on saving money. 387
America's food chain is dicey. Sparrowhawk, Larisa; Du Playee, M. Letter to the Editor 2173
Are we still homesteading? The lure of electricity in Costa Rica. Kastanopolous, Patra 1700
Avoid gum surgery: new technique fights harmful gum disease. Gardlakos, Vas Advertisement 265
Be ready to take some risks. Aubyn, Clan 725
Blueberry transplanting tips. Skillman, Laura 372
Boiling wine, cider and syrup. Letter to the Editor 877
Buy as much land as you can afford. Butterfield, Curt 866
Can you really just "leave it all behind?" Well, yes ... and no ... Readers share their recommendations. Gray, Lucy 1732
Cast iron in the country kitchen. 909
Charcoal ... a new look at an old medicinal. Ammundsen, Rene 2849
Cleaning up messy bread dough. Vermont, K. Salber; Michael; Lori; Eichenberger, Betty; Nancy; Wisconsin, Lorraine R.; Lamberty, Loi Letter to the Editor 1524
Coming events. Calendar 698
Cover comments. Susanne 103
Define your goals before you move. Olson, Cheryl 1282
E-z blacksmithing coal forge. Scharabok, Ken 979
Early spring. Burroughs, John 4533
Free 19th century chicken house plans. 199
Garden planning starts by asking questions. Miller, Elizabeth; Miller, Crow 538
Get the whole family's opinion of moving. Poole, Suzanne 955
Go for it--the memories will last a lifetime. Curry, Lorraine 94
Goat milk mozzarella. 244
Grapes in the north. Robishaw, Sue 4279
Her "helper" isn't very helpful. O'Connell, Kathy Letter to the Editor 1005
Here's a tasty, healthful, inexpensive snack. Tahara, Becky 466
Home on the (Texas) range. Mosiman, Billie Sue 1579
Isn't it time you started reloading your own ammo? Tabor, Tom 1826
It's nice to hear wwhat others are doing. Lawson, Rachel Letter to the Editor 109
Just what are "exotic" fruits and vegetables? Goss, J. 2129
Keeping the books: Part II. Reynolds, Gail 3064
Learn a new skill: carve a wooden bird. Guillund, Mel 1166
Life "on your own" is tough at first--but worth it. Lighthiser, Tom; Lighthiser, Carol 603
Make your own rennet. 120
Making lemonade: (sometimes from unintentional lemons). Greene, Fred 938
Meat goat prices on the rise. Heald-Nielson, Aimee 416
Memories of making maple syrup: and recipes for the final product. Butterfield, Curt M. 2127
Milking sheep offer a new small farm alternative: growing popularity of artisan cheeses creates a niche market for homesteaders. Belanger, J.D. 3079
Moving sooner may have prevented some of their problems. Holmes, C. 1411
Natural roach control. Willcutt, Robert Letter to the Editor 178
No, don't just walk away! Jones, Dorothy 263
Part with things you know you won't need. Messer, Brenda S. 200
Raise heritage turkeys as seasonal income? Scharabok, Ken 465
Raise Soay sheep, naturally: with the wild flock method, your sheep will be fine without you. Kohrman, George 1391
Ricardo ropes a pig. Mouser, C.J. 1304
Scrutinize every purchase; spend time on your land. Nixon, Faith 379
Searching for sweeter onions. 585
She's no dummy! Blankenship, Anna Letter to the Editor 149
Sources for tea plants. Mississippi, Kathy T.; Hyde, Suzie; Hyde, Jimmy Letter to the Editor 307
Soy and your health: can those little beans really be good for you? McCoy, Nora 1008
Space saving laundry idea. Sullinger, Leona Letter to the Editor 131
Texas White Dall sheep as companion grazers. Nesbitt, Karen 2024
The mysterious evening lights. Mills, Terry 444
These tips helped in the move from Chicago to Indiana. Sweetie, John; Kniola, Viper 211
They couldn't afford to keep working. Harter, Don; Harter, June 945
They said goodbye to credit cards and the Harley. Welch, Elise M. 736
This Canadian homesteader loves her Deere. Pasman, Wendy Letter to the Editor 935
This cheesy soup is fun to make. Fote, Kathy 164
Tips for "fitting in" on a Missouri homestead. Missouri, Wolfe 1603
Tips from a chicken lover. Spriggs, Charles 414
Use flaxseed meal for better health. Quinn, Betty Letter to the Editor 381
Using DE to get rid of pests. Willcutt, Robert Letter to the Editor 234
Want to go back to the old ways of farming? Here's how to feed a cow, 1910-style. Eckles, C.H. 3230
Want to learn self-sufficiency? He'd like to teach. Nevin, K. Letter to the Editor 284
What causes the "birds'-eye maple" pattern in wood? Missouri, George; Missouri, Susan H. 383
Why eat whole foods? Barker, Jennifer Stein 1700
Why leave a comfortable city life? To preserve their sanity! Otero, Marie 828
Yes, you can can goat milk, but ... Vondran, F.J. 116
You, too, can make a sawdust toilet box. Robb, Trisha Letter to the Editor 361

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