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Articles from Countryside & Small Stock Journal (January 1, 2005)

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"Wannabe" homesteaders need mentoring outlet. Lynch, T. Letter to the Editor 265
A 12-volt "walking" water system. Serkahn, Maki 2334
A day in the life of homesteaders-in-training. Stout, Polly Peterson 2149
A homebuilt water system is the heart of this homestead. Hoard, Jeff; Hoard, Karen 1032
A love affair with bees. Parker, Tony 2330
A taste for the plain and functional. Kirk, Phil; Kirk, Pati 651
Animals do the darndest things. G., Sue Letter to the Editor 414
Annual poultry show brings fanciers together. Heinrichs, Christine 404
Are you sure you want to get livestock? Thompson, Theresa 1932
ATV accidents can be deadly. B., C. Tony Letter to the Editor 359
Build a firewood holder. Watts, Leroy 490
Build a home for under $5,000. Welsby, D. 2092
Campfire tripod/rack and trammel. Scharabok, Ken 532
Chokecherry jelly is yummy! W., Becky Letter to the Editor 152
Cleaning is essential for roach control. T., George; P., Debbie Letter to the Editor 848
Cleaning up a sticky situation. S., Forster Letter to the Editor 96
Coming events. Calendar 246
Countryside's back issue list. 575
Countryside's breeders' directory. 1881
Dealing with "neighbors from hell". Seavey, William L. 1311
Don't rule out "undesirable" neighborhoods. S., Maher Letter to the Editor 526
Early riser. Thacker, Jeff 158
Enjoying winter; steadfast builders; and shoddy people. 334
Ewe-nique wool products. Hafemeister, Gloria 864
Experimenting with chickens: finding the best meat and egg layers. Ovefelt, Willene 837
Financial transactions on-line has drawbacks. S., Nancy Letter to the Editor 245
Flowing with the seasons. Hinman, Wilma 392
Food security is still an issue. Seigfreid, Lynn; D., Louis Letter to the Editor 812
Gardener grows whopper spuds in straw. H., Sandy Letter to the Editor 277
Gardening in Arizona. Stefanik, Jeanette 306
Getting an early start: this homesteader was buying "frying pan specials" at the age of 12. Maupin, Sheryl 1096
Guineas, chickens and the persistent setting pullet. Ledesma, Luis, Jr. 1660
Health care for the small flock. 841
Hitting hard times: getting rid of freeleaders: while some of these ideas seem a little drastic, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures ... Burke, Ruth 1433
Homemade white wash recipe. S., Jean Letter to the Editor 110
Homeopathy for poison ivy. Rupert, Becky 1344
Homeschooling is legal in all states; attorneys can help. H., Shane Letter to the Editor 1090
Homesteading in a New Mexico RV park: it all started with a 1963 school bus. Hicks, A.C. 1796
Hooking rugs. Snyder, Carol 172
How to check for non-layers. Ainsworth, Steve 758
Ice cutting in the 21st century. Douglass, Richard 546
Ingredient sequence may affect bread in machines. R., Shawna; Salsbury, D.L. Letter to the Editor 1298
Is there a "perfect place" to live? Joanne Letter to the Editor 192
Keeping family history alive. Johnson, Christine 1000
Keeping the books. Reynolds, Gail 3015
Mail delivery woes. 261
Making syrup and fishing. Niles, Lynda 100
Mushroom foraging in Tennessee. T., Floyd Letter to the Editor 326
Needed: advice on ram pumps, spruce gum and beer. Vachon, Dan Letter to the Editor 309
Notch your logs for a perfect fit. Dangerfield, Charlie 370
Okra: Africa's delicious gift to the world. Salloum, Habeeb 2546
Poor Will's almanac for Deep Winter 2005. 4312
Prevent money mistakes. 453
Putting poultry manure to good use. Heimericks, Rhonda 93
Reading, sledding and baking. Filbrun, Rebecca 739
Red plastic, egg shells and milk: a recipe for prolific tomatoes. Kilstrom, Angie 493
Reminiscing by the fire. Swindall, Sandra Herrin 227
Resources are out there, if you know where to look. Fouracre, Karen Letter to the Editor 498
Rise to a new height--the workshop mini-bench. Robishaw, Sue 1818
Rural living requires some "sacrifices". D., Jesse 589
Security gardens: is it time to revive them? Rains, Bernie 3126
Shoveling in the morning. Patrick, Kate 222
Spinning is good therapy. Eichenlaub, Iris 125
Tea tips wanted. B., Denise Letter to the Editor 655
The history of money: why do we need it, anyway? Alexander, Joe 1170
The pitfalls of swap meets. K., Mikki 302
The summer of the cabin: this industrious lady describes the trials of single-handedly building a cabin on the range. Hones, Dorothy 1657
They were looking for a way to control the kikuya grass, never expecting Norman the friendly steer. Palmer, Susan 762
Thinking 'bout oatmeal. Jean, Valerie 1839
This homemade incubator broods chicks and cures cabin fever! Marchesem, Tony Cover Story 3236
Tips on modifying barrel cookstove. B., Skip Letter to the Editor 232
Turtle butchering tips. P., Edward Letter to the Editor 311
Urban homesteading: it's not where you live, but what you do with what you have that counts. Kohut-Bartels, Jane 1114
Use caution when feeding dried leaves. L., Megan Letter to the Editor 144
Using a vice makes cracking walnuts a cinch. G., Virgil Letter to the Editor 469
Watching, their pennies paid off. Snyder, Carol M. 609
What's bugging your horse? And how to get rid of it. La Mance, Thomas 783
Woodstoves can be installed in mobile homes. L., Wolfgang Letter to the Editor 171
You get what you pay for--including helpers. B., Lucy 487

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