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Articles from Countryside & Small Stock Journal (March 1, 2004)

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"Bad apples" are nothing new. Sopko, Steve Letter to the Editor 295
"Secondhand" resources. Weeks, A. Letter to the Editor 204
A country gardenhouse. Willie, Janet 997
A new life in Montana. Pomeroy, Liz 1039
A positive attitude keeps them going. Aid, B.; Aid, S. 586
A small space: it's harder to collect too much "stuff" when you don't have walls. Self, Joey; Self, Sue 683
A solar greenhouse: an unfishished greenhouse is better than no greenhouse, in Northern Wisconsin. LaForge, Chris 1046
A traveling reed comber. Brown, Chris 956
All purpose cleanser recipe. Hall, Laurie Letter to the Editor 103
An old trailer becomes a new ranch. Sisson, Carol 677
Another form of log hauler. Dillen, Ron; Dillen, Janie Letter to the Editor 101
Beans, beans, the magical fruit ... Hearn, Tammy Letter to the Editor 1747
Birthing of a tincture. Hartford, Mary 995
Building a raised bed with concrete block, compost and wood chips. Entwisle, Mark 2506
Chicken tractors make raising meat a breeze. Heveland, Will 745
Coming events. Calendar 735
Corn: to burn or not to burn? Riley, Vicki Letter to the Editor 336
Countryside contacts. 1666
Countryside is full of "stuff". Tamburrino, Steve Letter to the Editor 277
Cows can make you sick, but not with BLV. Arnett, Wes 1304
Earn extra income raising calves. Belsha, Walter; Belsha, Theresa 568
Food supplies and pioneering skills. Easterly, Beth Letter to the Editor 288
Foraging in Germany. Hays, Rosie 2862
Game breeds span history: California breeder traces history and beauty in Modern Games. Willard, Christine 571
Gene was a "she". Letter to the Editor 204
Gleanings from woodland rabbitry. Kilmer, Mary 744
Grow bamboo in the midwest. Satchell, Mary 1025
Hog butchering time. Jones, Paul 3775
Homesteading in France. Hodgins, Lily Letter to the Editor 116
Incorporating feedback spirals. Vavrosky, Rita 12069
Little cabin in the north: they lost interest in their cabin after Y2K, but maybe it's time to pay attention once again. 403
Make an e-z log poker. Scharabok, Ken 667
Mange treatments for dogs. Stuart, Ellen Letter to the Editor 411
Marjoram or oregano? Letter to the Editor 477
Mead: gift of the gods. Spencer, Gwynne 651
Money: it's only a tool. Dobkins, Doris 851
More thoughts on identity theft. Letter to the Editor 268
Nightmare in the Ozarks: they thought they were living their dream, until they lost a loved one to a cougar attack. Davison, Ken; Davison, Barbara 2574
Passing on the farm. Scharabok, Ken Letter to the Editor 677
Poor Will's Almanac for early spring 2004. 4195
Raising chicks without electricity. Sherburne, Donnalee 542
Roosters can be downright nasty. Mary Letter to the Editor 302
She takes her goat raising tips from nature. Phillips, Elaine 477
Soapmaker adds her two cents. Bleck, Zoe Letter to the Editor 411
Soil sifters. Robishaw, Sue 1569
Solar hot water and heat. Kalmer, Doug 409
Strip your cottonwood before building. Ringer, Roger Letter to the Editor 234
The "career scrounger". Greene, Fred Letter to the Editor 466
The end of the Rhode Island Red gang. Wilson, Patty A. 1291
The homestead donkey. Stowe, Mary E. 757
The Modena: a new, old hobby. Estabrook, Franklin 688
The virtues of 12 volts. T, Swestt 474
Their "country cottage": it's too fancy to be called a "cabin," and by doing much of the work themselves, the Freunds spent less than $3,500 on outside labor. Freunds, Robert F. 544
There are many ways to deter insects. Letter to the Editor 1319
Treat yourself to a kitchen garden. Reynolds, Gail 1745
Trimming schedule depends on the animal. Kruger, Michelle Letter to the Editor 195
True success comes with planning. Putnam, Patty 1136
Use that Y2K stash with these Wheatberry recipes. 2165
Wheat would work for muffins, too. 548
Where are all the homesteaders? Could it be that the outhouse blues have struck? B., Linda 932
Wild onions--punchy pungent, perfect. Lee, Rebecca 421
World events & homesteading. Medin, Nickolas I. 2710
Worming, dog chews and dehydrating tips. Letter to the Editor 353
You don't need money to "live". Hurst, Linda Letter to the Editor 293
You won't go wrong by starting small. Parkins, Porky Letter to the Editor 349
Your turkey eggs won't hatch? This may be why. Smith, Dennis P. 1043

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