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Articles from Countryside & Small Stock Journal (September 1, 2003)

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Title Author Type Words
25 years off the grid, a retrospective. (Alternative energy). Krug, Steve 3050
A year-round solar greenhouse: Part V. (The Solar Cowboy). LaForge, Chris 987
ALBC alert: Buff Wyandotte rescue needed. (The poultry yard). 107
Alternative energy glossary. (The Solar Cowboy). LaForge, Chris 796
Animal power. (The machine shed). Ott, William 719
Annual MREA Fair doesn't disappoint attendees. (From the editor). Annemarie 618
Another housing option: used travel trailers. (Country conversation & feedback). Isaacson, Karen 264
Aussie goats caught in JD net. (The goat barn). Harman, Alan 265
Authentic tortilla recipes. (Country conversation & feedback). Ploumis, Celeste 187
Breeders needed for rare breeds and varieties of waterfowl. (The poultry yard). 580
Building with stone. (Homestead building). Both, John 1070
Cheap worm medication for barn cats. (Country conversation & feedback). Savatski, Laura 502
Coming events. 818
Consider cutting alfalfa in October. (Crops & soils). 338
Cooking over the campfire: without any fancy utensils! Tabor, Thomas C. 1138
Countryside contacts. 2484
Countryside's breeders' directory. 2171
Do your family a favor--make a will. (Country conversation & feedback). Raybern, Debra 857
Eel skins: put them to good use. (Homestead crafts). Plante, John V. 475
Elevated drip irrigation system works. (Country conversation & feedback). Cason, Kim 415
Estate planning: it's essential if you want to keep land in the family. (Homestead finances). 492
From the barnyard to the classroom. (Country neighbors). Pack, Debbie 927
Gardening in the desert; linoleum for the birds. (Country conversation & feedback). Penning, Sherri 602
Gardening with gophers. (Country neighbors). Chenoweth, Susan 851
Goat 911: free emergency advice for goat owners. (The goat barn). Pfalzbot, Gary 1356
Goats-R-Us to the rescue. (The poultry yard). 173
Grow potatoes in straw. (Country conversation & feedback). Tony 130
Half-ton or one-ton? PTO? Row crop? Things you should know about trucks and tractors. (The machine shed). Ringer, Roger 1681
Hardy greens extend the season. (The garden). Jensen, Erika 2332
He appreciates candid physician's advice. (Country conversation & feedback). Wuichner, R.H. 851
Homestead wine. (Notes from the Northwoods). Robishaw, Sue 3081
Ivomec is also used for alpacas. (Country conversation & feedback). Dent, Ray 181
Keep your milk fresh and flavorful. (The goat barn). Steele, Jennifer 760
Last month we asked: "how are you preparing for retirement?". (Question of the month). 8349
Lessons from a pool in a box. (Country neighbors). Schweitzer, Lori Roberts 1224
Life is an adventure. (Country conversation & feedback). 121
Life is good on their plot of Canadian paradise. (Country neighbors). Carless, Monika 1629
Make your own tanning tools. (Homestead crafts). Butterfield, Curt M. 624
Melt candle wax safely. (Country conversation & feedback). Stephen 149
Modifying plans worked well for this builder. (Homestead building). Watson, Russell 493
Muscovies eliminate pest problems. (Country conversation & feedback). Farm, Duck Haven 954
Mustard oil--the latest health craze? (Food in the news). 126
Native shrubs that won't impress the neighbors (if the neighbors are wildlife). Baugh, Tom 1108
New regulations for farmers markets in Kentucky. (The garden). 353
Out of work? Consider a temp job. (On a serious note). 183
Pasture and cattle: some tips for beginners. (The cow barn). Scharabok, Ken 949
Peat moss is pretty amazing stuff. (Country conversation & feedback). McAlister, Ann 185
Power shortages in China. (On a serious note). 107
Raising wild horses "Reba" finds a home. (The horse barn). Wright, Petra 1025
Relieve scours with this recipe. (Livestock health). 155
Remember food safety when preserving wild game. (The country kitchen). 388
Salvage groceries as a homestead business: a eulogy. (Homestead business busts). Scharabok, Ken 1265
Several really useful products. (Country conversation & feedback). Eash, Carl 509
Sheep raising tips ... learned the hard way. (The sheep shed). Borland, Michael 1064
Sumac lovers. (Country conversation & feedback). 348
Tanning deerskin. (Homestead crafts). Butterfield, Curt M. 1235
The country life ... in Peru. (Country conversation & feedback). Gathercoal, Allan 387
The herbs of autumn ... and preparing for winter. (The herb garden). Reynolds, Gail 2591
The importance of mid-summer watering. (The garden). Miller, Crow 726
The joys of zucchini. (The country kitchen). Salloum, Habeeb 2139
They have more time for livestock, now that they're 80. (Country conversation & feedback). Cook, David H. 344
This artist appreciates a little imagination. (Country conversation & feedback). Luttenton, Nathaniel 503
This big sister shares her recipes. (Country conversation & feedback). 298
This homesteader makes money on eBay selling $200 diapers! (Homestead business). Heller, Rebecca 2298
Treats for your puppy. (Country conversation & feedback). Doane, Dawn 268
Two motivated homesteaders seek advice. (Country conversation & feedback). Wright, Diane V. 540
Using your greens. (The garden). McKiernan, Laurie 893
Water conservation in your garden. (The garden). Miller, Crow 612
Weather and plant maturity affect hay quality. (Crops & soils). 478
What is a homesteader? Whatever it is, this one doesn't have picker bushes. (After chores). Curell, Ronald 515
What? No sugar rush? (Food in the news). 145
Where should bottled water come from? (Food in the news). 138
Why I love LaManchas! (The goat barn). Shannon, Regina 722
Your car can be used as a dehydrator. (Country conversation & feedback). Rodebush, Susan 249

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